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If I died in the Alipay and WeChat money how to do [Abstract] professionals believe that this problem there are two cases, one is Alipay or WeChat account holder died suddenly, aware of the family capital account, how to do… "I Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I one day a sudden death, the money will be how to deal with (my family does not know the money)?" Recently, such a look a bit "alarmist", attracted a large number of onlookers. A few people called "xinyouqiqi Yan," said sympathetically. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that young people today are basically Alipay, the balance of treasure, WeChat change, money paid through such account, through their wealth warehouse. However, the money that exists in this form is likely to be forgotten because of the master’s accident. In view of this, lawyers believe that as Chinese people diversify their ways of saving money, we must abandon the old idea of taboo "leaving a will", and reserve these "passwords" of wealth through various ways as early as possible, so as to avoid unnecessary losses. A "big brain hole" question, in case I am "no", how do family know the money? "I have the Alipay more than 70 thousand, WeChat more than 20 thousand, if I accidentally died, my family does not know the money, the money will be how to deal with? What is the final direction? " Recently, a netizen threw out such a question and immediately brought a number of following posts. "Well, I haven’t thought about it!" A net friend said that. "Most people don’t tell their family when they’re not alive, because they don’t believe they’re going to have an accident." The net friend said "the night is too dark". "Do you think you are in your bank’s account, and you accidentally die, and they will tell you that you have the money in your family?" It’s so naive! " Netizen "fish and bear’s paw". Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a number of young people in Nanjing, almost all of them are a mobile phone. There are various kinds of payment applications, and the deposits are too small. In the West CBD work Mr. Wang told reporters that he was alone in Nanjing work, because of the high interest in Alipay, he saved more than 50 thousand yuan, while the Chinese are taboo to talk about death, but as friends said, if you really suffered misfortune, the money is really no one knows, including their parents. "Honestly, I bind is a mobile phone, associated with a bank card, I’m not in, even if Alipay really can kindly inform you, my mobile phone is turned off, is no answer, that this notice has meaning?" Mr. Wang said, this is really a problem, how to know the family money on my Alipay? Work in Xinjiekou Liu told reporters that the rich own Alipay, wife know, but do not know the password. In addition, its WeChat wallet often has thousands of dollars, but there is no bank card, because the red packet often changes, it is not to be the money. "Although the taboo of death, but if it did not, WeChat red this sum of money is certainly no, no one took it seriously, don’t take out." Xiao Liu said. Reporters interviewed learned that among the young people interviewed, most of them had wealth lying in the network, and quite a lot of them had the nature of "private money", which was not known. "If people are not, they must have gone." Almost everyone thinks that the family will suffer a loss. In fact, according to the financial management division of the proposal, also encourages investment in financial management, do not put the egg in one basket, but to a reasonable configuration, such as the regular current collocation, buy funds, stocks, insurance, now Alipay, WeChat wallet, the balance of treasure and other new deposits appear constantly. It seems that asset disposal encounter accident after, really is not a trivial problem. An often ignored protocol is not used for a long time, Alipay will be canceled, WeChat will recover the netizens in the discussion, also cited such as Alipay, QQ registration protocol. According to the reporter’s research, according to the agreement that people do not read carefully, the family members who have encountered "accident" are more difficult to get back to the Internet heritage. For example, the "Alipay Services Agreement" fourth part third fifth stipulates: "in order to prevent the resource occupation, such as your 12 consecutive months without using your Alipay login or Alipay approved the other way logged your membership number or account, Alipay will be on the cancellation of membership number or account, you will not be able to through the Alipay login login this website or use membership number or account. If there is a correlation of the membership number or account financial products, or the balance of pending transactions, Alipay will help you deal with, please operate according to Alipay that way." There are similar to WeChat, QQ and other accounts, such as "Tencent WeChat software license and services agreement" in the seventh paragraph of article second and fifth stipulates: "the ownership of WeChat account by Tencent Inc of all users, complete the application after registration, only the right to use the WeChat account, and the right to use only part of the initial application for registration. At the same time, the initial application registrant shall not grant, borrow, rent, transfer or sell WeChat account or otherwise license the non initial application registrant to use WeChat account. The non initial applicant shall not use the WeChat account by gift, inheritance, lease, assignee, or any other way. " If a user registers WeChat account, if he doesn’t log in to account for a long time, Tencent has the right to recover the account so as not to cause waste of resources, and any loss it brings will be borne by the user himself. The agreement, when everyone is registered, will click "consent", but no one reads it carefully. Thus, with Alipay and the sudden death of the user, in accordance with the agreement, the money inside will always passively frozen in the user account, waiting for him (her) relatives to claim, and in theory, Alipay "will help you deal with". But in real life, Alipay how to help you, how living relatives know this money account is still unknown. Similarly, as WeChat, QQ, WeChat, and other tools of the "initial public registration", if after the death, according to the agreement, the ownership of all Tencent, and "no gift, borrow, rent, transfer or sale", this number will eventually be the corresponding recovery Tencent, WeChat wallet will face what kind of fate? It’s an unknown number, too. A banking source suggested legislation to regularly publish the "forgotten" account Nanjing, a banking source told reporters, in the bank, there are some dormant account every year, there are more or less money, in general, there are second people with some accounts, the bank can contact the owner, or friends and relatives will be holding a bank card query, a better solution. For the wealth in the network platform, we can extract the death certificate, the account book, the notarization book or the court judgment in accordance with the method of extracting the bank’s funds. But now the problem is that the wealth of these networks is sleeping, their relatives do not know, and how to query the extraction? In response, the professional said, according to the provisions of some agreements, some accounts may be recovered or even canceled after long time no login. So where is the destination of money? There is no definite provision now. In the face of new things, the law also has lagging behind. "I would suggest that legislation should rise to a legal level, and accounts that have been canceled within a certain time limit exceed a certain amount. The provider of the platform should take the initiative to contact the parties, or publish them regularly." The professionals explained that the Swiss bank has always been famous for its strict secrecy, but in the first half of this year, the legislature amended the relevant bank "forgotten" funds of the relevant legal provisions, Swiss bankers had to break the "confidential" system on the Internet published a list of about 2600 people the hope through this for those forgotten in the deposit in the bank to find the owner. "The Swiss bank this is not only to find the owner, but also to find the owner of the future, through the relevant legal procedures to inherit and receive. The professionals said, as long as the regularly published only by now many routes of transmission and speed, is not difficult to find the owner or friends, it is also a kind of network platform to win the trust of the people, for the benefit of the people. The notary office of professional opinion: Internet Co needs to improve its management. Because it may involve inheritance and civil disputes, the reporter consulted professionals in the judiciary and law circles. "There is some truth in the article. There are places to think about, or places that may be faced in the future, but there is no need to worry too much." The Nanjing notary office said that. Professionals believe that this problem there are two cases, one is Alipay or WeChat account holder died suddenly, aware of the family capital account, how to do? Another is the sudden departure of the account holder, and the family does not know that there is a lot of money in his account. What should I do? First, the first situation, the state has not yet clear judicial interpretation of "virtual property", and there is no conclusion in the legal circle. The mainstream view is that according to the inheritance law, it is not possible to inherit the personal nature of the network heritage, such as personal chat tools QQ, MSN, network ID and so on. Without the nature of the nature of the network heritage can be inherited, such as online shops, works copyright and game currency. The solution of this problem is not too difficult. If there are second cases, the Nanjing notarial authorities believe that this requires the Internet Co to constantly improve its own management and self-discipline. There are three ways: one is the Internet Co in this situation, the establishment of a special account storage, and actively looking for account holders or family members, but there are drawbacks, the premise is not mixed with the company’s own account, to prevent the emergence of new problems, such as a Internet Co bankruptcy, asset mix resulted in the death of user accounts of capital loss; two is the initiative to contact the Internet Co with the people’s Bank of China Banking Regulatory Commission or the third party network financial management department; the three is to deal with the notarization business at the notary office, and actively seek the holder or heir. Lawyer: can use the diary form down wealth account Jiangsu Ninglian Yong into law firm lawyers believe that the young heir will make a lot of people can not accept, so deliberately avoided, in fact in many western countries, many young people have their own lawyers, early write wealth list under will, not rare. He believes that the account holder can write to the form of a diary, write down their wealth accounts, passwords do not have to write, at least let relatives see, think of the money in the account information can be admitted to where; their loved ones, which relates to the amount of money matter; not taboo, direct the testator specify what, where, in addition, straightforward; in case of accidents, the lawful heir can also prove relevant materials to common network service providers such as Alipay, WeChat and other request account enquiries.

如果我去世了 支付宝和微信里的钱该怎么办 [摘要]专业人士认为,这个问题有两种情形,一是支付宝或者微信等账户持有人突然离世,家人知晓其账户里有资金,该怎么办…“我支付宝有7万多块,微信有2万多块,如果我哪天突然意外死了,这些钱会怎么处理(我的家人并不知道这笔钱)?”近日,这样一个看上起有点“杞人忧天”的问题,引起了大量网友围观。不少人留言称“心有戚戚焉”,表示深有同感。扬子晚报记者了解到,现在的年轻人基本上都有支付宝、余额宝、微信零钱、财付通等之类的账号,直通他们的财富仓库。然而,这种形态存在的钱财,很有可能因主人的意外而永远被遗忘。对此,律师认为,随着中国人存钱用钱方式的多样化,一定要摒弃避讳“留遗嘱”这个陈旧观念,早早通过多种方式预留这些财富的“通关密码”,避免不必要的损失。一个“脑洞大开”的问题万一我“没”了,家人怎么知道有这笔钱?“我支付宝有7万多,微信有2万多,如果我哪天突然意外死了,我的家人并不知道这笔钱,这些钱会怎么处理?最终去向是怎么样的?”近日,有网友抛出这么一个疑问,立即引来众多跟帖。“哎呀,我还真没想过这个问题!”一位网友留言称。“多数人都不会活着的时候告诉家人,因为他们不相信自己会遭遇意外。”网友“夜太黑”说。“你以为你存进你银行的户头,你意外身亡他们会通知你家里人有这笔钱吗?太天真了!”网友“熊掌和鱼”说。昨天,记者采访了南京多位年轻人,大家几乎都是一部手机走天下,里面有着各种支付应用,存款也有多有少。在河西CBD上班的王先生告诉记者,他独自一人在南京上班生活,因为利息高一些,他在支付宝上存了5万多元,虽然中国人都忌讳谈死字,但确实如网友所说的,万一自己真的遭遇不幸,这笔钱还真没有人知道,包括自己的父母。“说实在的,我绑定的是手机,关联的是银行卡,我都不在了,即便支付宝真的能好心通知一下,我的手机不是被关机,就是没人接,那这个通知有意义吗?”王先生说,这还真是一个问题,家人如何知道我支付宝上还有钱呢?在新街口上班的小刘告诉记者,自己的支付宝上有钱,老婆是知道的,但并不知道密码。此外,自己的微信钱包经常有大几千块钱,但没有关联银行卡,因为发红包时常变动,根本没把它当钱。“虽然忌讳说死,但万一真的没了,微信红包这一笔钱肯定就没了,没有人把它当一回事,也没法取出来。”小刘说。记者采访了解到,受访年轻人中,基本都有躺在网络里的财富,且相当一部分带有“私房钱”的性质,不为人所知。“如果人真没了,这些钱肯定也没了。”几乎所有人都认为,家里会因此遭受损失。事实上,根据理财师的建议,也都提倡大家在投资理财时,不要把鸡蛋放在一个篮子里,而是要合理配置,比如定期活期搭配,买点基金、股票、保险等,眼下支付宝、微信钱包、余额宝等新型存款方式不断出现。看来,遭遇“意外”之后的资产处理,还真不是一个杞人忧天的问题。一个往往被人忽视的协议长期不使用,支付宝会注销,微信会回收网友们在议论时,还列举了诸如支付宝、QQ登记注册时的协议。记者研究发现,根据这些大家平时并不曾细读的协议,遭遇“意外”的网友家属想拿回网上遗产,还比较困难。比如,《支付宝服务协议》第四部分第三项第5条就规定:“为了防止资源占用,如您连续12个月未使用您的支付宝登录名或支付宝认可的其他方式登录过您的会员号或账户,支付宝会对该会员号或账户进行注销,您将不能再通过该支付宝登录名登录本网站或使用相关会员号或者账户。如该会员号或账户有关联的理财产品、待处理交易或余额,支付宝会协助您处理,请您按照支付宝提示的方式进行操作。”与此类似的还有微信、QQ等账号,比如在《腾讯微信软件许可及服务协议》里第七款第二和五条就规定:“微信账号的所有权归腾讯公司所有,用户完成申请注册手续后,仅获得微信账号的使用权,且该使用权仅属于初始申请注册人。同时,初始申请注册人不得赠与、借用、租用、转让或者售卖微信账号或者以其他方式许可非初始申请注册人使用微信账号。非初始申请注册人不得通过受赠、继承、承租、受让或者其他任何方式使用微信账号。”“用户注册微信账号后如果长期不登录该账号,腾讯有权收回该账号,以免造成资源浪费,由此带来的任何损失均由用户自行承担。”这条协议,大家注册时都会点击“同意”,但基本无人仔细阅读。由此可见,拥有支付宝且突然去世的用户,按照协议规定,里面的钱将会一直被动地冻结在该用户的账户里,等待着他(她)的亲人来认领,且理论上,支付宝“会协助您处理”。但在现实生活中,支付宝如何协助你,在世的亲人如何知道这个有钱的账户,还是个未知数。同样,作为微信、QQ、微信公众号等工具的 “初始申请注册人”,如果去世后,按协议规定,所有权归腾讯所有,且“不得赠与、借用、租用、转让或者售卖”,这个号最终会被腾讯回收,那相应的微信钱包又会面临何种命运?也是个未知数。一个银行业人士的建议应立法规定定期公布“被遗忘”的账户南京一位银行业人士告诉记者,在银行里,每年都有一些“休眠账户”,里面也有或多或少的资金,一般来说,有的账户有第二联系人,银行可以联系上,或者主人的亲友会拿着银行卡来查询,比较好解决。对于网络平台里的财富,可依照银行资金的提取方式,提供死亡证明、户口本、公证书或者法院判决书来提取。但现在面临的问题是,这些网络上的财富沉睡着,其亲人根本就不知道,又该如何查询提取?对此,这位专业人士称,根据有些协议的规定,一些账号可能会在长期未登录后被收回,甚至注销,那么钱的归宿在哪里,现在确实没有明确的规定,面对新生事物,法律也有滞后的地方。“我倒是建议立法,上升到法律层面来,在一定时限里已被注销的账号,里面超过一定的金额,平台提供方应主动联系当事人,或者定期公布。”该专业人士解释称,瑞士银行向来以严格的保密制度著称,但在今年上半年,瑞士立法机关修改了有关银行内“被遗忘”的资金的相关法律条款,瑞士的银行家们不得不打破“保密”制度,在互联网上公布了一份约2600人的名单,希望通过此举为那些被遗忘在银行里的存款寻找到主人。“瑞士银行此举不仅是寻找主人,还可以寻找到主人的后人,通过相关的法律程序继承、领取。”这位专业人士称,只要定期公布,仅凭眼下众多的传播途径和速度,不难找到主人或者亲友,这也是网络平台取信于民、造福于民的一种方式。专业人士观点公证处:互联网公司要完善管理由于此事可能涉及到继承和民事纠纷等,记者咨询了司法和法律界的专业人士。“文章说法有一定道理,有值得思考的地方或者将来可能会面对的地方,但是过分担心是没有必要的。”南京公证处相关人士表示。专业人士认为,这个问题有两种情形,一是支付宝或者微信等账户持有人突然离世,家人知晓其账户里有资金,该怎么办?另一种是账户持有人突然离世,家属不知道其账户里还有大量资金,这该怎么办?先说第一种情形,国家目前对于“虚拟财产”还没有明确的司法解释,法律界也没有定论。主流观点是依照《继承法》,对具有人身性质的网络遗产不可以继承,如个人聊天工具QQ、MSN、网络ID等。而没有人身性质的网络遗产则可以继承,如网上店铺、作品版权和游戏币等。这个问题的解决并不是太难。如果出现第二种情形,南京公证处相关人士认为,这就需要互联网公司不断完善自己的管理和自律。办法有三:一是互联网公司针对这种情形,设立专门账户保管,然后积极寻找账户持有人或者家属,但有弊端,前提是不能与公司自有账户混合,防止新问题出现,比如说某一天互联网公司倒闭,资产混合导致去世用户账户资金流失;二是互联网公司主动与银监会或者人民银行第三方网络金融管理部门联系;三是在公证处办理提存公证业务,并积极寻找持有人或继承人。律师:可以用日记等形式记下财富账号江苏宁联律师事务所雍进律师认为,年纪轻轻就立下遗嘱会让很多国人接受不了,因此刻意回避,其实在西方不少国家,很多年轻人都有自己的律师,早早写下财富清单立下遗嘱,并不鲜见。他认为,账户持有人可以以写日记的形式,把自己财富账号记下来,密码不一定要写,至少让亲人在看到时,会想到当事人的钱物在哪里;可以向自己的亲人坦承账号信息,里面涉及到的部分钱物数额;不避讳,直接立遗嘱,写明哪里有什么,直截了当;另外,在发生意外后,合法继承人也可凭相关证明材料主动向常用网络服务商比如支付宝、微信等请求查询账户情况。相关的主题文章: