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College-University In a world of SMS and email, spelling and grammar have been seriously incorporated with the abridged language. Well this is acceptable in a surrounding of SMS and etc. but this defective language is not acceptable when you are doing dissertation writing as it will sink your credibility. The quality of the dissertation writing or document that is ready for submission depends mainly upon how efficient and effective nature of proofreading and editing is performed by the student. So the student should know the importance of proofreading in dissertation writing and should very much in careful in editing and proofreading. The student or an individual should have the efforts, enthusiasm and hard work in making sure that the dissertation writing is free from errors and it is flawless. And the other information is updated and correct. The importance of proofreading Proofreading and editing is very crucial in the writing method. And this is often overlooked by many or not is taken serious. Proofreading is a way that guaranteed that the final written document is flawless and free of grammatical errors, ambiguous vocabulary, misspellings and other inconsistencies. It is a very essential step that should be taken before the submission of the document. A simple misspellings, typo or improperly phrased may convey a message which was not supposed to convey. These types of mistakes especially on business documents or on sites .municate a very amateur impression and may also turn off potential clients. It can also change the meaning of the whole sentence or content. Through a thorough proofread of the content not only help the readers grasp its meaning properly but also makes writing credible. Ask others to read your document for you Proofread is very important that you cannot afford to .promise on, irrespective you are a student working in an organization and do it yourself but also ask others to do it for you as it will be more beneficial. Because after reading your own long writing or script you be.e immune to your work. This is a fact that everyone makes mistakes, and a few dont realize it till it gets late. The writer gets so involved in his work that spelling or grammatical errors are overlooked. So ask someone to do it for you be it peers or colleges. When a fresh pair of eyes will look at the document or read it with a fresh mind there are high chances that it will catch more errors than you do. Remember it is hard to detect mistakes in your own dissertation writing than anyone elses. Bottom-line Writing a thesis is a long and intricate process all the rewording and rewriting can result in sections being moved around. This can lead to an incoherent feeling in theses that havent been properly proofread and edited, to make sure that the content flow together and are understandable, especially by someone that hasnt written the thesis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: