In order to prevent the demolition of state-owned large advertising screen 100 security tune recentl

In order to prevent the demolition of state-owned large advertising screen 100 security tune recently and chased confrontation surrounded by security inspectors for map users in late September 9th, in the south of Yancheng City District staged a scene of confrontation between the inspectors and security "drama". In order to prevent the demolition of urban management at a large advertising screen, a state-owned Yancheng to more than the number of inspectors several times the security line, the confrontation between the two sides for more than two hours after the police intervention, the conflict triggered at any moment, before they leave. Modern Express reporter learned that the Yancheng law enforcement detachment organized 11 people to move a large outdoor screen without management procedures, the Yancheng City Investment Group for nearly a hundred security team, will be surrounded by urban areas had to suspend the law enforcement, police. Currently, Yancheng City authorities are coordinating the matter. Modern Express reporter Jiang Zhenjun ZAKER Nanjing site: urban management and law enforcement personnel were surrounded by security 7 points more on the evening of September 9th, it was just dark, who lives in the south of Yancheng District Zhu uncle with the family to the Dragon Lake walk, passing through an intersection South Renmin Road when he saw a crane from several inspectors removed LED large screen the roadside in command. About 8 points, one family to go back, and go to the intersection, Zhu uncle found LED big screen has been chased down all a hideous mess, crane and truck parked on the side of the big screen, gathered a lot of people watching. Zhu uncle said, in addition to the more than and 10 city management team members, all around is grey and black wearing security uniforms, "Yancheng security" four characters. "The number of visual security inspectors is several times." In the process of stalemate atmosphere was tense, both sides are increasing the number of." Zhu uncle worried about the conflict between the two sides, thanks to the police rushed to the scene. Until around 10 in the evening, the team slowly dispersed the two party. Survey: the big screen is not in the urban management procedures Modern Express reporter learned that the evening of law enforcement is involved in the Yancheng City Urban Management Bureau law enforcement detachment two brigade. "We are the normal law enforcement, the demolition of forced to set up large-scale outdoor advertising facilities." The brigade team said the LED large screen is Yancheng science and Technology Association, by the Yancheng city investment group, the specific implementation, but has not handled the formalities in the urban management department. "In the evening we went to 11 people, the other is the removal of workers, as well as a truck and a crane, ready to dismantle directly to the designated warehouse." According to the inspectors recall, about 7:20 that night, they began demolition in accordance with the procedures, did not take long for someone to stop, then a large number of security arrived, the officers surrounded, workers are dismantling will be pushed to the next. See each other a lot, the inspectors had to report to the police. After the police arrived to prevent escalation of contradictions in the field to discourage. To the end of 10 or so at night, deadlocked for more than two hours." Urban management team said. Progress: the southwest of the demolished large screen has been re installed the controversial big screen in Yancheng people’s road and road intersection angle of poly. September 10th at noon, the modern express reporter on the scene saw that the night before the big screen has been removed and re installed, the appearance is rectangular, 8相关的主题文章: