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In the depths of the forest moon also molested Little Panda – Sohu to date has tourism window, Pu’er Sun River National Forest Park at evening, tonight is to live in the endless forests? The answer is yes, who can’t live in the jungle?. After the car parked in the parking lot outside the area, we take the green car battery to go on the road and roadside deer encounters really surprise everyone doubled. A deer with deer walking in the road side, in the face of the car battery they already used, did not disturb. Of course, do not want to get off to touch them, and their protection of God deer in the distance to look at us! The little panda features cabin in this piece of virgin forest, they are the thick branches and blocked it, open the door into the room, I believe you will love the feeling of being surrounded by nature. Looking out of the room like a castle in a fairy tale. Through the landing window, not only can fully enjoy the sun, you can also create their own favorite romantic. Of course, the jungle cabin after special treatment, there will be no mosquito harassment, you can sleep soundly until dawn. Now that we have arrived at Forest Park, how can we not feel the fresh air and dense jungle? Early in the morning, we can not wait to sit on the bus came to the rhino park. In the Tour District, the first thing we saw is the big men — rhinoceros, rhinoceros in Puer area in 1933 has disappeared, the current head we see the National Park from Africa for the introduction of the white rhino. In 2013, the rhinoceros returned to the original habitat of Pu’er, living in the Sun River National Forest Park, and will bear the historical task of building a rhino population. Although this park called rhino Ping, but there are many, many wild animal rhino, not far away from the rhino mud turning roll, we saw a few cute little monkey — slow loris. Big eyes looked adorable stay came to visit their visitors, slowly changing the position in the trunk, put a pair to have attitude. Unlike other zoos, the animals are not kept in cages, but in the form of stocking. Under the premise of safety, as close as possible to people close. In the face of these small cute, although almost Pro it, but the park will be reminded of the side, only to appreciate them, you can not touch or feed. Go along the boardwalk in the scenic area, we also saw the monkey and gibbon, they in the boardwalk trees near the FT jumping has always maintained a safe distance with people. On both sides of the road also known as the "king of ferns" plants — look at the path along the cliff on both sides of the Cyathea Cyatheaceae, it is difficult to imagine them through millions of years of vicissitudes of life! This trip through the primeval forest highlights is that you can get close to the panda. Throughout the park there are more than and 30 pandas, but most of the day in the woods to sleep, walking in the jungle as long as the head to look for, basically can see. I finally saw them, but did not think they are their mission, is completely not clear they face identification. No matter, little bear.相关的主题文章: