In Yongzhou, a man stole money into a bank to monitor the burglar (video)-havd707

A man in Yongzhou after stealing money in the bank note the appearance of monitoring the original title: after stealing money deposited in the bank monitoring record net Xintian on October 9th news Hunan thieves like Xintian young man Yuanmou burglary succeed, will be part of the money in the bank when exposed. In October 8th, yuan was captured by the public security organ and was detained by the criminal. At 8 o’clock in October 7th, a town in Longquan town of Xintian County reported to the west police station. It said that 6 nights, a thief was stolen from his shop, and more than 16 thousand yuan of cash and a computer were stolen. The police immediately to the scene, through the investigation learned that the thief at 7 am 1 pm, through the shop glass door gap into the shop and stole cash and computer, and then riding a motorcycle came to the bank automatic teller machine, the stolen part of cash in the bank. Through further information on the image, the police quickly locked the identity of the suspect yuan, and seized it in October 8th. Yuan Mou confessed, he worked in the County Industrial Park, usually spend money with money, no savings, to marry, to worry about money, and start theft. In the early morning of October 7th, he came to Longquan town by motorcycle. When he passed by Wang shop, he found that there was a big gap when he pushed the locked glass door, so he slipped in and went away quickly after stealing cash and computer. In order not to leave too much cash, he rode a motorcycle to the bank automatic teller machine, which will be part of the cash in the bank, did not expect so exposed. After interrogation, Yuan Mou has confessed to the crime of carrying out the theft. In October 8th, after investigating the facts of Yuan’s crime, the public security organs gave criminal detention to yuan. At present, the case is in the process of further handling. (red net correspondent Le Jianping Peng Chao) video recommendation: men steal money to invite friends to eat against friends to steal 1400 yuan

永州一男子偷钱后存入银行 监控记下窃贼模样原标题:偷钱后存入银行 监控记下窃贼模样红网新田10月9日讯 湖南新田青年男子袁某入室盗窃得手后,将部分赃款存入银行时露出马脚。10月8日,袁某被公安机关抓获,并被刑事拘留。10月7日8时,新田县龙泉镇王某来到城西派出所报案称,6日晚上自己店铺进了小偷,1.6万多元现金和一台电脑被盗。民警立即到现场勘查,通过侦查手段了解到,小偷于7日凌晨1时左右,通过店铺玻璃门空隙进入店内,盗走现金和电脑,然后骑摩托车来到银行自动存取款机处,将所盗得的部分现金存入银行。民警通过进一步掌握的影像资料,很快锁定犯罪嫌疑人袁某的身份,并于10月8日将其抓获。袁某交代,他在县工业园打工,平时花钱大手大脚,没什么积蓄,要结婚了,为缺钱发愁,便着手盗窃。10月7日凌晨,他骑摩托车来到龙泉镇转悠,路过王某店铺时,发现其锁住的玻璃门推动时会出现较大空隙,于是溜了进去,盗取现金和电脑后迅速离开。为了不留太多现金,他骑摩托车来到银行自动存取款机处,将其中一部分现金存入银行,没想到由此露出马脚。经审讯,袁某对实施盗窃的犯罪行为供认不讳。10月8日,公安机关在查清袁某犯罪事实后,对袁某给予刑事拘留。目前,该案在进一步办理中。(红网 通讯员 乐剑平 彭超)视频推荐: 男子偷钱请朋友吃饭 反被朋友偷走1400元相关的主题文章: