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Interview with Wang Wei: "the AppsFlyer report on seeing a greater amount of information in July 28, 2016, the fourteenth session of the ChinaJoy opening in Shanghai, as the world’s largest China game show, it is not only attractive in weight manufacturers, exhibition booth layout, the agenda of the meeting, the guests, the latest report released authoritative data during the meeting will some third party service company. For example, AppsFlyer have been published in 28, 29, the current situation of the application of internal expenditure and the first half of 2016, the game advertising platform comprehensive performance report. From Click to install, and then to guide the amount and retention, AppsFlyer and his services are no longer satisfied with the content of the previous report, followed by the introduction of the current situation of the application of expenditure report. AppsFlyer reports more and more in-depth, but also more and more regular. Compared with the previous quarter report released in July 29th, AppsFlyer in the first half of 2016 "game advertising platform comprehensive performance report", the list of global and regional market appeared many new faces at the same time, some Chinese company temporarily left. Chinese companies have declined in number and overall rankings. Advertising platform for users to obtain and commercial realization of the service, and the application of the internal branch like to understand the global and regional market users pay. If you read these two reports, you can interpret what the market development status and trends? In this regard, the reporter interviewed Wang Wei, manager of AppsFlyer china. The average expenditure of single user does not represent the total market reporter: "the application report" mentioned expenditure status: the user for a single application to buy monthly average spending activity, Asian users has exceeded any other area, the average expenditure of $0.70, $0.61 in North American users spending followed. While the user is in the application of Asian Games purchased the most avid consumers, compared with the global users, spending increased by 75%, the average purchase amount of 85% ($0.56 and $0.32 and $12.92 and $7). Many people would like to know how to figure out this set of numbers, and what are the value of Asian users to advertisers? Wang Wei: first of all, we will have the app purchases more than 1 thousand applications, and more than 100 million users have, in April 2016 -5 month nearly 30 million purchase in the event, the $300 million transaction value as a data base, the production of this report. To be clear, this is an average of a certain period of time, so be sure to read the meaning of the average. It is possible that although the average value of Asia, although more than Europe and the United States, but the total will not be higher. Second, why is Asia more than Europe and America in terms of average monthly expenditure on individual applications? There is no clear answer. But for the meaning of the average data, one thing is undeniable, that is at least two months to track all of our Asian paid users, it is obviously better than Europe and the United states. On average, this is the case, but it does not mean that it will exceed the total amount of Europe and the United states. Channel list single ring ratio change.相关的主题文章: