Is eyeing the U.S. presidential election day supporters called for the launch of the massacre candy candy

IS stared at US election day called on supporters to launch the "massacre" data figure: U.S. FBI special operations personnel in the implementation of the task China daily on 6 November, November 8th American election day is the focus of the whole world, also attracted the interest of terrorist organizations "". According to U.S. media reports, the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) 5, called on supporters on election day launched the "massacre", also asked Muslims not to vote, because "between the Republican and democratic parties against Islam and Muslims have no policy". The United States well-known financial blog "Zero Hedge" reported that Rich Katz is an international terrorist organization search intelligence group (SITE) of the person in charge, the 5 day, he in the social networking site twitter issued continuously 4, IS issued a declaration of threat to the United States, the terrorist organization claimed that militants were on the way, they’re going to slaughter you, crushed your ballot box". The 7 page manifesto was released by the IS media agency, the Al Hayat media center. "May Allah bless this year’s U.S. presidential election as a terrible disaster." IS called on supporters in the United States on election day to attack voters, for Muslims not to vote, and noted that Democrats and Republicans have no differences in opposition to Islam and Muslim policy. Katz believes that IS’s move is designed to disrupt the U.S. presidential election process, attracting media attention". According to the "USA Today" reported, also appeared in the IS declaration of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, the Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kane, as well as photos of a sacrifice in the war of American Muslim soldier father. More than the United States federal and local law enforcement officials said, according to the election related threats, federal authorities are examining and Al Qaeda plot to attack the state of New York, Virginia, Texas, and the information on polling day eve. But as of now, the credibility of information has not yet been confirmed, for possible attacks and attacks, also no exact information. The FBI said in a statement: "counter-terrorism and homeland security departments will be vigilant, ready to protect the United States from attack."相关的主题文章: