Japan for the first time to export satellites to Vietnam known as the accuracy of the world’s top mi-webquest

Japan exports to Vietnam for the first time observation satellite known as the world’s top military precision – Sohu global network of military channel reported in September 19th: according to Japan’s "Daily News" reported on 17, Japan and Vietnam reached a satellite export agreement, radar observation satellite "ASNARO-2 Vietnam procurement will be developed in japan". Reported that this is Japan’s first export satellite, the Japanese government intends to allow Japanese companies to join the world’s satellite market competition among them, and expand the production of Japanese made satellites. Reported that the Vietnamese government agencies, science and Technology Institute will be purchased by the Japanese NEC company and MITSUBISHI motors jointly developed this high-performance small observation satellites. The project has been vigorously promoted by the Japanese government, including the total number of orders, including ground equipment up to tens of billions of yen. Japan’s exports of radar observation satellites in the night and cloudy conditions can also be observed. Vietnam claims that due to the rainy days of the year is more, so the need for smaller weather radar. This observation satellite camera has a special performance at night shooting and shooting through the clouds, the imaging precision is the highest level in the world, some analysts believe that it can be used not only as the disaster disaster monitoring satellite reconnaissance and understand the growth of crops, but also to a certain extent, can be used as a military reconnaissance satellite. Reported that the Japanese government and enterprises rely on the use of satellite image data abroad, so the expansion of domestic satellite applications in Japan, there are many benefits in security.相关的主题文章: