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[Japan] Okinawa flash tour, only to find the Ryukyu monuments – Okinawa tourism Sohu formerly Okinawa, Ming and Qing Dynasties has been China vassal state, located in Japan Kyushu and Chinese between Taiwan, rich and unique natural environment. Here is in addition to Southeast Asia, Japan, China customs building, also has a unique American style, "Hawaii", is the home of karate. [] Shuri castle at the beginning of fifteenth Century, Ba Zhi Wang unified Okinawa, Ming Dynasty by surname, started building the first city. The Ryukyu kings are in the form of tribute and Sino Japanese trade, at the end of fifteenth Century when the most powerful. It is an important historical site Shuri castle of the Ryukyu Islands, Japan in 2000 was identified as the eleventh world cultural heritage. The first city is the Ryukyu Kingdom symbolic building, but the war in Okinawa was burned. Reconstruction in 1992, with the prototype of post-war residues as a model to copy the Tang style architecture. Here is the place where the king was dealing with state affairs, met with envoys and held important ceremonies, it combines the architectural features of Chinese, Japan and Okinawa island. Now the castle North Palace, Nangong, the first door and gate. The symbol is Front Gate shureimon Shuri castle is Okinawa, Japan or 2000 yen banknotes currency scenery (but feel the value is relatively rare, so I did not get too many times in Japan). On the door of "Shou lizhibang" plaque, meaning "Okinawa is a state of ceremonies", on behalf of the kingdom of Ryukyu, spiritual civilization and manners. Go all the way, visitors are not too much, so you can shoot a little more clean screen. This stone lion "China", at first glance very carefully look at the face is pretty dongying. The guardian of the gates into the lions, and the old gentleman in the pavilion guard. There is a small area around the fence to dig up, is to find the baby, right? The dragon gate spring ruiquan? Is said to be extremely sweet (just to the Chinese group of tourists, listen to the tour guide, but the) have a railing, or I’ll try to check with the past…… There is a stone beside the fountain, written by the Chinese envoy: "Zhongshan first". Why is it called Zhongshan? Check the information that the Ryukyu Islands appear in twelfth Century Zhongshan, Nanshan, Beishan three, respectively in the northern and central islands in the south. Thus, the first city place is central. The door is the first city in Guangfu Royal gate, go is the royal court. The royal court south "Beijing", is regarded as the birthplace of Shuri castle, is a religious shrine of the Ryukyu kingdom. The God of the royal court gate, the main hall of the first city. Guangfu in front of the platform, overlooking the Okinawa scenery. Behind is the most eye-catching in the hall is for the Ryukyu King fortifications and held an important ceremonial occasions, is one of Okinawa’s largest wooden structure, has a distinctive style of ryukyu. Into the main hall to buy tickets, 800 yen, we hurry to the pass, no go. Here is a group of tourists in India for photo, feel so embarrassed…… Don’t take相关的主题文章: