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Japan Xinhua China Press: playing "no vote" is wonderful – evolution or Beijing, Beijing, November 11, Japan Xinhua China Press 11 journal article said that Japan has a full range of local autonomy and democratic election to Congress as a dozens of people in the village mayor, are to be determined by election. Interestingly, now has become a new trend without voting elected Japanese politics, even Prime Minister Abe Shinzo is also the president of the Liberal Democratic Party in recent elections play a non voting election. With the change of Japanese society, the local politics of non voting is more intense, and began to extremes. Article excerpts are as follows: the day before, only about 2000 minutes of big county himeshima, ushered in the village elections, has created the Japanese history. Because the village after a lapse of 61 years finally bid farewell". The current mayor of Fujimoto Yo’s father, are non voting elected players, respectively for 7 and 8, known as the "father of DoubleStar himeshima". Japan is playing a "no vote" is a democratic evolution or wonderful? Coincidentally, the village of Miyazaki? In the spring of last year after a lapse of 40 years fell without voting elected curtain. In addition, Yamanashi Hayakawa and Narusawa Yamanashi to create a vote as myth place meet the eye everywhere. Not only is the village, no vote election has spread to Japan at all levels of city. The Japanese Ministry of internal affairs data show that no voting rate was elected since 1955 the highest in 2015. 41 of the country’s county government election in the election of 33.4%, that is, no vote was elected the number of 321, this figure is the highest since 1955. There are 89 mayors election in the country, there are about 3, that is, the mayor of the city voted no vote 27. It seems that there is no vote is a consensus of public opinion, but from Japan’s political ecology, the causes and the situation is complex. First of all, no vote reflects the social development of many ills. The emergence of a large number of such phenomena, many of whom are interpreted as unlimited trust and trust of voters, but the reality may not be so. In many places over the years without voting elected state, will inevitably face the fiscal deficit, and reduce the loss of population, industry sluggish development defects, and no vote elected the ruling is also very difficult to say whether well. The rise of voices of opposition and discontent is the direct cause of the real significance of elections in more than half a century. It can be said that behind the phenomenon of non voting election, intertwined with the aging of the population in Japan, the local excessive thinning and other post-modern development crisis". Secondly, no polls also show the Japanese people enthusiastic about politics. Abe Shinzo since the second ruling, a large number of slogans, but most of the high tone, poor results. Andouble will focus on the constitutional reform, military, economy and people’s livelihood is difficult to truly benefit, has seriously damaged the national political enthusiasm and initiative. Especially in recent years, political scandals, dirt frequently, the purity of the democratic politics and politicians with full credibility broken, also increased the voters of political apathy. In other words, for the Japanese people, who won’t be able to effectively solve the reality of life相关的主题文章: