Jincheng next week two cold air activities will bring significant cooling-lara fabian

Next week is Jincheng cold air activities will bring significant cooling weather this week, the main features: rainfall this week only one city wide, temperature is low to high trend, little wind, the air visibility is early deterioration of air quality light pollution. The weekend weather forecast: cloudy Saturday southwest 2-3 the highest temperature of 30 degrees the minimum temperature of 20 degrees on Sunday: Yunnan to the southeast wind 2-3 maximum temperature 28 degrees the minimum temperature of 18 degrees weather outlook two cold air activities are expected next week, appeared early in the week (26-27 days) and late week (29-30 days) before. A cold air activity will bring rain to the city, in some areas of thunderstorms or showers, rainfall distribution is uneven, the gas temperature decreased slightly; after a strong cold air forces, will give me the city was cool and windy weather, from the 29 day, the main cold air southward gradually affect me then, cloudier sky, mainly cloudy and northeast wind 4-5 levels, the coastal area can reach 5-6, the average temperature 6-8 degrees, the highest temperature will drop to 20-22 degrees, In the morning of 30 and October 1st, the minimum temperature in the urban area will drop to 13 degrees centigrade, and the minimum temperature in the northern region can be reduced to 7-9 degrees centigrade. Next week the highest temperature is expected to be 26 degrees, appeared in the early weeks; urban minimum temperature of 13 degrees up and down, the lowest temperature in the northern region of 8 degrees up and down, about October 1st morning.

津城下周有两股冷空气活动 将带来明显降温   天气回顾   本周主要特点:本周仅有一次全市范围的降雨过程,气温呈先低后高的趋势,风力不大,空气能见度较前期转坏,空气质量出现轻度污染。   双休日天气预报   周六:多云 西南风2-3级 最高气温30℃ 最低气温20℃   周日:多云 南到东南风2-3级 最高气温28℃ 最低气温18℃   天气展望   预计下周有两股冷空气活动,分别出现在周前期(26-27日)和周后期(29-30日),前一次冷空气活动将给本市带来降水,部分地区有雷阵雨或阵雨,雨量分布不均,雨后气温略有下降;后一次冷空气势力较强,将给我市带来明显降温和大风天气,从29日白天,冷空气的主体逐渐南下影响我市,届时天空云量增多,以阴天为主,并有东北风4-5级,沿海地区可达5-6级,平均气温下降6-8℃,最高气温将下降到20-22℃,30日和10月1日早晨,市区的最低气温将降到13℃上下,北部地区最低气温可降至7-9℃。预计下周全市最高气温26度,出现在周前期;市区最低气温13度上下,北部地区最低气温8度上下,大约出现在10月1日早晨。相关的主题文章: