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Jo Jo’s "order" hit you "the goddess" has been on the line – Jo Jo’s Qian Manyuan Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news by young actor Jo Jo, starring Yan Yuanlijian’s faction TV drama "order", is Shaanxi’s prime time TV broadcast fiery. Jo Jo plays Qian Manyuan is the town of Suzhou rare talented woman, pipa, sing Pingtan, do not be nothing difficult, but also responsible for the light full of wit, "beauty", not the users have said: "your goddess has been on the line of the Republic of china." As the strength of 90 Huadan new forces in recent years, Jo Jo plays a role in understanding, learned and refined and cultured image. Before the Anti Japanese war drama "anger hit hero" as Jo Jo Xue Wanning is not only a simple kind, but also versatile, full of artistic temperament, is a lot of friends as "the female Wen Qing" reputation. In the "Han Shan" plays Qian Manyuan and Jo Jo still instrument himself, not only talented appearance, but also a set of wisdom, brave and strong in a patriotic soldier, after the baptism of the Chinese, and the other half to join the war the stream is Wonderwoman Neiwaijianxiu, rare the. As the Northeast girl Jo Jo looks handsome, but has a strong and cheerful personality, to play the role of Jo Jo Qian Manyuan has said: "the role of Qian Manyuan brave character is very similar to me, but I need to show her talent in it very hard, I remember at that time it was specifically looking for the teacher taught me to play the lute, sing Pingtan." This is a serious girl is filming, through their own efforts to bring the audience a part. It is reported that Jo Jo recently start new drama "monk" is also in the exploration of compassion as the background, different from the "hero" and "anger" is the Han Shan, Jo Jo will be the incarnation of the goddess temperament detective novelist, a special "the goddess" is also worth looking forward to!相关的主题文章: