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"Joint -2016" military exercises show three highlights – Military – original title: Navy spokesman: "joint -2016" military exercises show three highlights "the joint exercises, either in Hong Kong or at sea, whether the deduction on the map or the actual exercise, the Russian armed forces launched the whole embedded system truly, the depth of integration." Chinese Navy spokesman Liang Yang, 12, in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters, the authoritative interpretation of the Sino Russian joint maritime -2016 military exercises of the top three highlights: outstanding combat. Lianyan according to "red blue" form, the red forces by the Russian naval integrated, the blue side by the Chinese naval forces as. During the exercise, both red and blue for the first time in the "back" of the way, both sides do not meet. This exercise is the first time in our army with the use of foreign naval joint exercise, the exercise of gunpowder thicker, more confrontational, higher level of combat." Prominent information technology. Before the Sino Russian joint military exercises, the traditional mode of operation and command to chart paper and pen, by telephone, radio implementation of maritime command. In this exercise, the first Sino Russian joint maritime command information system. This system has at all levels of command and combat units, each platform can realize the trend of sharing, message sending and receiving, command, transfer function, the platform of information warfare is we often say. This makes the Russian Lianyan level into a big step, mark the Russian armed forces in joint exercises with the common command information platform. – standardization. In the past, based on the Sino Russian joint, the two sides summed up the formation of a set of standardized instruments and command procedures, etc.. This time through deepening and expansion, and further optimize the organization of the joint exercise program and command process, making it more concise, more efficient and practical. "Outstanding" three "joint exercises, effectively promote the navies of maritime joint military action to deepen the organization mode, the content of the exercise, the command and other aspects of the implementation and expansion of the Russian navy to a higher level of the depth of the joint, promote the bilateral pragmatic cooperation in the navy to deep, forward and developed to a higher level. For joint exercises between the two navies and practice base material." Liang Yang said, through this joint exercise, both to deepen the friendship between the two armies, enhance mutual trust, but also for the future development of the two militaries will play a solid foundation for the development of a higher level." (Wang Jingguo, Wu Dengfeng, Mei Changwei ( ): intern; commissioning editor Wang Lujia, Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: