Julie vs Xiong Dailin don’t lose his life for love-candy candy

Julie VS Xiong Dailin not to love lost their life in late September 20th, a depth bomb completely detonated Hollywood, Brad · Peter and Angelina · Julie acknowledged that the Hollywood Jintongyunv, apply to the court from! Marriage! The! The divorce petition was put forward by Julie, because she was not satisfied with Peter’s educational concept for children. At the same time, she asked for custody of 6 children and the right to visit Pete. Julie filed a divorce petition, and two couples were officially separated in September 15th. The same day, the media broke the Hongkong and the Hongkong businessman Xiong Dailin Guo song dating for 2 years, has been registered in early September and has been married, nest, cohabiting. After seeing the news, he found two female stars in love, just the opposite. [Julie] Peter in love before, Julie had two marriages, and when Peter together, Julie has not wanted to marry the little girl, until they fell in love for ninth years, they held a small wedding, only friends and family to attend. Julie has always valued the so-called marriage status, she is not afraid of losing a marriage. "Julie and Pitt married, 6 children. Xiong Dailin in the eyes of the public, Xiong Dailin often played a young female image. And King Aaron Kwok had those feelings, because of love Aaron Kwok refused to admit that every two people in the media, we concern most is whether Xiong Dailin has successfully forced marriage, adoption. The two people were in love for 7 years, and Xiong Dailin kept on waiting until Aaron Kwok said the famous shoe theory. Obviously, in love, Xiong Dailin is a weak man. "King Aaron Kwok’s famous" shoes on". Self value] Julie and Julie adopted their children during their single years. They gave birth to three children after marriage, and continued to adopt orphans until they grew to eight families. She doesn’t need marriage to protect the ability to raise, also do not need a man to make duty in marriage soon, in such a tough momentum, Peter is more like a family of followers of donors. He was weakened to the image of his father, a man who was not needed. In 2004, at the child’s request, Julie took part in the training course of the aircraft division and got her driver’s license for her private plane. The child has put forward the request to the mother rather than the father, and Peter’s image of his father in the child’s heart. "Julie in the aircraft cockpit. Aaron Kwok "shoes" theory Xiong Dailin Xiong Dailin is back, drying out their shoes – brother of the Hongkong artist Kenix Kwok, the two generation of the rich standard, engaged in export trade, billionaire. Some people say that this counterattack is so beautiful! You can’t help asking where beauty is? I see that man can also find good attitude to anti kill her ex boyfriend? The two men in contrast to the way to face a relationship, then Xiong Dailin’s own value to how to define? In the last relationship, she was said to be a shoe, and she felt that she had failed, so she pulled the current show shoes. Xiong Dailin was wrong in trying to prove himself with a man. "Xiong Dailin and her new boyfriend in the shoes counter photo. [state] Julie career as an actor, Julie has won 7 Golden Globe Awards, winning 3 times, 4 times the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, winning 2 times and so on, and Julie or Hollywood $20 million paid members of the club, even in Hollywood, into the club of the actors is not more than 20. "Julie won the Oscar for best supporting actress. The title of Xiong Dailin Xiong Dailin after the debut of the loudest is Mrs. king, 2016 "IP MAN 3" after the release, Xiong Dailin was crowned "the netizen Meixie lady", "happy event" in 2014 the Westin Xiong Dailin in the film, the challenge in a pregnant woman, was praised as the most beautiful Hong Kong drift". Frequently praised "the most beautiful", but no one talked about her acting. "Xiong Dailin in the" IP MAN "in the appearance of users are considered to be" the most Meixie mrs.". [public image] Julie didn’t spend 1/3 of her income on charity work every year before she was pitting with Pete. After that, two people made a two person name fund, supporting more than 30 charity projects. The three children adopted were from Vietnam, Kampuchea and Ethiopia. No matter what they say she does it for the show, these things are really worthy of admiration. In 2013, Julie found that the risk of breast and ovarian cancer was 80% and 50%, respectively, by gene sequencing, resolutely accepting prophylactic mastectomy. For the same reason, Julie removed the ovaries and fallopian tubes for the same reason in 2015. And published a column in the "New York Times", not only set off in the world to let her become the tempestuous waves, more care for female breast health big hero. Julie also reported by the media in public image. Xiong Dailin sexy Xiong Dailin blew out and the big four of the best dance work of Aaron Kwok Xiong Dailin’s position quickly after dating, red string, identity and value from the mainland to the development of Hongkong Nanjing girl Xiong Dailin now and then cannot be mention in the same breath, Xiong Dailin, "Mrs. king" title by the public view, left Guo day queen, businessman Guo song’s name in the Xiong Dailin press and who together as the shadow follows the form, is the public judgment she is not a winner in life standard. The idea of self determined Julie strong woman, said worry about cancer gene in, to cut the breast; now that Peter will affect the child education, immediately separated. After this year’s performance revealed, Julie will be free to see the big day to adopt all sorts of color of the child, cutting the breast and ovarian cancer, as she pleases, never have, because she is a strong economic foundation, also has a great spiritual world, both of which, like a pair of wings, let her even. The marriage can also be free to fly. Xiong Dailin’s choice is not right or wrong. It’s because of different ideas and different choices that the world will be so colorful. Here, the great Yue Jun also sends Xiong Dailin the deep blessing, regardless of which choice hope finally can reap the happiness and the inner satisfaction.

朱莉VS熊黛林 别为了爱情丢了自己的人生9月20日晚,一枚深水炸弹彻底引爆了好莱坞,布莱德·皮特和安吉丽娜·朱莉这对好莱坞公认的金童玉女,向法院申请离!婚!了!离婚申请是朱莉提出的,因为不满意皮特对小孩的教育理念,同时她要求对6位子女拥有抚养权,给予皮特探视的权利,朱莉提出离婚申请的文件夫妻二人已经于9月15日正式分居。而同一天,香港媒体爆出与香港富商郭可颂交往2年的熊黛林,已经在9月初登记结婚,并已共筑爱巢,正在同居。大粤君看完新闻后,发现两个女明星在爱情里的样子,恰好相反。【爱情观】朱莉在皮特之前,朱莉还有过两次婚姻,和皮特在一起的时候,朱莉已经不是那个一心要结婚的小女孩,直到他们相爱的第九年,他们举办了一场小型婚礼,只有挚友和亲人参加。朱莉一向不看重所谓婚姻的名分,她也不害怕失去一段婚姻。▲朱莉和皮特结婚时,6个孩子相伴。熊黛林在大众眼里,熊黛林常常扮演了一个恨嫁女性的形象。曾经和天王郭富城那段感情,因为郭富城对恋情的拒不承认,每次两人出现在媒体上,大家关注的最多的就是熊黛林是否逼婚成功,得到名分。两人相爱7年,熊黛林一直默默守候,最只等到郭富城说出了那套著名的鞋子论。显然,在爱情里,熊黛林是弱者 。▲天王郭富城著名的“鞋子论”。【自我价值】朱莉朱莉在单身时期就领养孩子,婚后生下三个孩子,并且持续领养孤儿,直至壮大到全家八口成行。她既不需要婚姻来保障抚养能力,也不需要男人在婚姻中行使职责,在这样的气势下,硬汉皮特更像是一个家庭随从,捐精者。他被弱化到没有父亲的形象,一个不被需要的人。2004年的时候,在孩子的要求下,朱莉参加了飞机师的培训课程并拿到了她的私人飞机驾照。孩子竟然是对妈妈提出了开飞机的要求而不是爸爸,皮特在孩子心中的父亲形象大家也可以自己想象。▲朱莉在飞机驾驶舱。熊黛林熊黛林反击郭富城“鞋子论”的方法是,晒出自己合适的鞋子——香港艺人郭可盈的胞弟,标准的富二代,从事出口贸易,身家上亿。有人说这个反击干的太漂亮了!大粤君不禁想问漂亮在哪里?是用说看老娘也可以找到优秀男人的姿态去反杀前男友?用这种两个男人对比的方式来打脸上一段恋情,那么熊黛林自己的价值要怎么定义?上一段感情中别人说她是鞋,她就觉得自己失败了,于是这段感情中拉上现任秀鞋。熊黛林错在想要用男人来证明自己。 ▲熊黛林和新男友晒鞋子合照反击。【事业状态】朱莉作为演员,朱莉曾获得过7次金球奖提名,3次获奖,4次演员工会奖提名,2次获奖等等,并且朱莉还是好莱坞2000万美元片酬俱乐部成员,即使是在好莱坞,进入这个俱乐部的演员也不超过20个。▲朱莉斩获奥斯卡最佳女配角。熊黛林出道后熊黛林最响亮的称号就是天王嫂了,2016年《叶问3》上映后,熊黛林被网友获封“最美叶太太”,2014年出演《六福喜事》,熊黛林在影片中挑战出演一名孕妇,被赞为最美“港漂”。频频夸赞“最美”,却没有人讨论她的演技。▲熊黛林在《叶问》中的扮相被网友认为是“最美叶太太”。【公众形象】朱莉没和皮特一起之前她每年拿出自己三分之一的收入用于慈善事业,和皮特一起以后两人做了一个两人名字命名的基金目前支持着30多个慈善项目。收养的三个孩子分别来自越南,柬埔寨和埃塞俄比亚。不管那些说她这么做是为了秀,这些事情真的做出来就是值得敬佩的。2013年,朱莉通过基因测序得知自己患上乳腺癌和卵巢癌的几率分别是80%和50%,毅然接受预防性乳腺切除。2015年,因为相同的原因,朱莉切除了卵巢和输卵管。并在《纽约时报》上发表了一篇专栏文章,不但在世界范围内掀起了惊涛骇浪,更让她一跃成为关爱女性乳腺健康的大功臣。▲朱莉以公益形象被媒体报道。熊黛林性感迷人的熊黛林自爆出和四大天王中最好舞功的郭富城拍拖后,熊黛林的地位迅速串红,从内地到香港发展的南京姑娘熊黛林现在的身份与身价与当时不可同日而语,熊黛林出现在大众视野里就伴随着“天王嫂”的头衔,离开郭天王后,富商郭可颂的名字在熊黛林的新闻里如影随形,和谁在一起才是大众评判她是不是人生赢家的标准。朱莉这个意念强力自我决绝的女人,说担心癌症基因在,就去割了乳腺;现在担心皮特会影响小孩教育,就马上分开。婚后这两年的表现透露出,朱莉将自由看得大过天,领养各种肤色的小孩,为防癌切割掉乳腺和卵巢,她随心所欲,从不瞻前顾后,因为她既有雄厚的经济基础,也有宏大的精神世界,这两者,就像一双翅膀,让她就算结了婚也能够自由飞翔。而熊黛林的选择也没有对错之分,正是因为有不同的观念,不同的选择,这世界才会如此丰富多彩,大粤君也才有那么多故事讲给你听。在这里,大粤君也为熊黛林送上深深地祝福,不管是哪一种选择希望最后都能收获幸福和内心的满足。相关的主题文章: