Knowledge and live broadcast may be a bubble

Knowledge may be paid and live the financial bubble Sina opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Wu Xiaobo in the past year, China has cropped up more than and 200 broadcast platform, has become the largest new social outlet, hundreds of billions of dollars of venture capital injection in. But in the last one or two months, has been showing live hollowing out of weakness, and with micro-blog, Taobao and other companies have to broadcast platform, industry reshuffle seems difficult to avoid the tragic. Knowledge may be paid and live bubble level bubble, is a term of my new invention, refers to those caused by the public and quickly detonated, the capital market focus on the Internet, a phenomenon topic, but ultimately inexplicable products or people fall. The Internet is a star field in human history the most powerful. When the Internet bubble burst in 2000, management experts found that the features of Internet products – all environment application, namely the physical sense of the region, for the dissemination of products and restrictions on the use of almost zero — "the world is flat", therefore, the viral ability causes the enterprise to be in a very short time to the original competition is devastating, get hitherto unknown users. In such a rule, the efficiency of disruptive innovation has greatly improved, so the Internet has become a young man in a short time to get a great adventure. In the history of the evolution of the industry for thousands of years, there has never been an industry like the Internet, in essence belongs to young people. At the same time, venture capital model as an accelerator, so that the Internet industry has become more competitive iterative. In this world, as long as there is a product or a new business model, will immediately into amazing risk investment, was formed as a "track", in the "track", ran together thousands of cyclones, stampede, the leader will become the so-called phenomenal product or enterprise phenomenon. But as Drucker said, all growth is fragile, speed can create miracles, but also to cover up a lot of contradictions, and even fatal defects. Study the phenomenon of the bubble in the Internet in China, you will find that their fate has its own reasons. We should be defined as the bubble phenomenon. In 2012, I was invited by CCTV, made large documentary "Internet business", two major cases was determined, one is a Jingdong, where the customer is, in that year, the old light and momentum even more than Liu Qiangdong, where the customer has six rounds of financing, in order to Lei Jun led many venture capitalists around do not burn out, a new world will not stop until the momentum. However, the documentary aired on 2014, where the customer has not dropped. From the current perspective, we become a bubble, non Vintage hard enough, and there is error – Ma Huateng mode changed ma – or, or directly to the surgeon Lei, I am afraid we can not afford to do. However, this conclusion seems obviously, today in 2012, but almost no one found, this is the paradox of the Internet business and charm. Happy net is also相关的主题文章: