Lanzhou cracked the case of illegal detention of mob crime – dissatisfied partner divestment Beijing

Lanzhou cracked the case of illegal detention of mob crime – dissatisfied partner divestment Beijing new network in Lanzhou in October 14, (Feng Zhonghai) Lanzhou City Public Security Bureau Chengguan Branch 14 disclosure, the Bureau after two days of careful investigation, recently uncovered illegal arrest occurred in the main urban areas of the city, no case, due to a woman disgruntled business partner divestment mob crime. At present, the 8 suspects were all arrested and criminal detention. In October 10th 19, the County Public Security Bureau Silver Road police station said alarm: the victim Wang in October 10th 8 pm, in the big city municipal slope lots were several strange men forcibly pulled a black car, followed by the hooded, tied his hands, pull to a remote place and was struck at the cuff and kick the stick. Rib fracture. The police after the alarm, then dispatched elite police task force composed of investigation of cases, to arrest suspects. They are divided into two groups, all the way from the surrounding area of video surveillance, access; all the way around the victim’s social relations to visit the investigation, looking for suspicious clues. After repeated visits and access to the video, as well as the investigation of the incident surrounding the intersection of vehicles, the task force investigators found that the day of the incident, the victim Wang walk behind, there has been a black and white two small car trailing. When the slope of the victim Wang to the municipal, from the black car down four men forced to pull into the car. Investigators to determine the vehicle after the crime, the owner of the car was soon found Moumou (female, 33 years old, Gansu silver people). Police asked the victim Wang learned that Lee and his business partner. At the beginning of this year, two people together in the Chengguan District investment run a restaurant, at the beginning of October, the victim Wang lifted this divestment and cooperative relations, and Lee, Moumou conflicts and. After this clue, the task force initially identified Lee has a major crime suspects. October 11th 1 am, the task force arrested the suspect moumou. In the face of overwhelming evidence, Moumou truthfully confessed conflict with the victim Wang in the common business, caused Wang divestment. In October 9th, Li Moumou by friends Ma Ma Moumou other people gathered, driving prepared two cars, carrying sticks and other tools of crime, trailing Wang and in large municipal slope will forcibly pull to Fulongping Yingpanshan beat the facts of the crime. The incident in the afternoon, the ad hoc group for Moumou legal propaganda and psychological policy, Lee immediately to the other 7 defendants who were exhortations. The evening of October 12th, the suspect and other 7 suspects have been to Silver Road police station to surrender, and truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of illegal detention wang. At this point, "10? 10" illegal detention case cracked. Currently, the suspect Moumou, Ma and other 8 suspects were under criminal detention according to law. (end)相关的主题文章: