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Law enforcement officers drink for each other to see more of your eye cut 3 Shangluo China Daily News (reporter Chen Yonghui) June 11 2 at 1 pm, stabbing cases occurred in Luonan County Street, a man drunk with people after the altercation and a knife will strike violently, 3 chopped, the including a sort of guy, the causes of the incident or other see myself. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation of luonan. At the street drunk man stabbing the February 11th lunar new year, Luonan County, Lee and friends go to the nearby County West gate to eat supper, just get off soon and had an argument. "Wang had drunk wine without any reason to abuse us, saying that we looked at him." Mr. Li said, "Wang came over and asked," what do you see? " "What I say" no, then Wang pushed me, then tussle, he looked at me with a knife on the thigh." Mr. Li said: "I did not feel the leg was stabbed, the family arrived after the two sides tear up, when people around in the sequel, in this process, Wang took out a small knife to hack, passing to sort results was stabbed. "At that time, Wang over a total of 3 individuals, from beginning to end only one person to the king." The good guy is scratched by break last night, according to mediate the injured Yang recalled, when he and his friends to eat supper, see Wang and Mr. Lee in a car, a car in the station, both on the phone, Wang hands holding a 30 cm long knife, alcohol body. "I tried to mediate, are advised both emotional, Wang took the knife luanhui, then more people eat, we have to fight." Tried to mediate the process, my hand was scratched." Yang said that there was someone in the group, won the knife, the police soon arrived. "I know both of them, but I’m not familiar with them. After that, I heard that Wang had taken a look at him, and his speech was escalated into a physical conflict." It is understood that 4 people were injured in the conflict, Mr. Li was wounded in the leg 5 sewing needles, Lee’s mother tried to mediate the injury to his face, Yang hand was scratched two, 9 stitches, Wang himself was injured in the conflict. Wounding staff Luonan County Land Resources Bureau, according to a person familiar with the situation, the staff Wang Luonan County Bureau of land and resources, and has occurred before wounding. China Daily reporter contacted Wang failed, then call the Luonan County Land Resources Bureau, a staff member said that Wang is indeed their employees, the original in the Bureau under the state-owned asset management unit, after seconded to the land law enforcement brigade. For this matter, they attach great importance to, in the evening of February 12th meeting study, the Bureau of discipline inspection departments are also involved in the investigation. Yesterday, Luonan County Public Security Bureau police investigators said, at present they have been investigated, the specific reasons under investigation. Editor in chief: SN226

执法队人员酒后因对方多看自己一眼砍伤3人   华商报商洛讯(记者陈永辉)2月11日凌晨1时许,在洛南县街头发生一起持刀伤人案件,一男子酒后与人发生口角后大打出手,并持刀将3人砍伤,其中包括一名劝架的小伙,事件起因或因对方多看了自己一眼。目前,洛南警方已介入调查。   凌晨街头男子酒后持刀伤人   2月11日大年初四,洛南县的李先生和朋友去县城西门口附近吃夜宵,刚下车不久便与人发生了争执。“王某当时喝了酒无缘无故对我们谩骂,说是我们看了他一 眼。”李先生说,“王某过来问,‘你们看什么?’‘我说没看什么’,然后王某就推了我一把,便发生厮打,他朝我大腿上捅了一刀。”   李先生说:“当时我也没感觉腿被捅伤了,家属赶到后双方撕扯起来,当时周围人也在劝架,在这一过程中,王某又拿出刀乱砍,路过的一个小伙来劝架,结果被捅伤了。“当时王某那边共3个人,从始至终动手的只有王某一个人。”   过路小伙好心劝架被划伤   昨晚,据劝架受伤的小杨回忆,当时他和朋友准备吃夜宵,看到王某和李先生一个在车前、一个在车后站着,双方都在打电话,王某手中拿着一把30厘米长的刀, 身上有酒味。“我就上前劝架,正劝着双方情绪激动,王某便拿着刀乱挥,当时吃饭的人还比较多,大家都来劝架。”   “劝架过程中,我的手被划破。”小杨说,当时有人在拉架,有人在夺刀,很快警察就赶到了。“我跟双方都认识但不熟悉,事后我听说是王某嫌对方看了他一眼, 言语矛盾升级为肢体冲突。”据了解,冲突中有4人受伤,李先生腿部受伤缝了5针,李先生的母亲脸部受伤,劝架的小杨手部被划伤两处,缝了9针,王某本人也 在冲突中受伤。   伤人者为洛南县国土资源局工作人员   据一名知情人称,王某为洛南县国土资源局工作人员,此前也曾发生过伤人事件。华商报记者联系王某未果,随后电话联系了洛南县国土资源局,一位工作人员表 示,王某确实是他们单位职工,原来在局里下属单位国有资产管理所,后借调到土地执法大队。对于此事他们高度重视,2月12日晚开会研究,局里纪检部门也介 入调查。   昨日,洛南县公安局办案民警称,目前他们已立案调查,具体原因正在调查中。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: