Le S3 country line version unveiled the Ministry 652+4gb snapdragon ram- digital Sohu 9c8836

Le S3 country line version unveiled the Ministry 652+4GB snapdragon RAM- digital mobile phone China Sohu [news] in early October, S3 mobile phone in the United States as the ecological globalization conference debut, the machine with a metal body integration, Qualcomm snapdragon 652 processor and 3GB of memory get a thousand machine field customers. The release version of the National Bank has no news, good news came recently, the Ministry of telecommunications equipment into the network management authentication page, a model for the LEX626 model has just been exposed, according to informed sources, the machine is le S3 country line version. Through the information network authentication interface can be seen in the line version of Le S3 supports full Netcom and dual sim card. In terms of hardware configuration, according to informed sources and the United States version is basically the same, but the deposit may start from 4GB RAM, the price is about 1099 yuan allegedly. In addition to the state line version of Le S3 released at the same time, another artificial intelligence ecological mobile phone Le Dual3 may have also released at the same time with the music. From the current exposure of the message is known, Le Dual3 has clocked up to 10 2.59GHz MediaTek custom processor version of the core, more 8GB RAM+256GB ROM top storage portfolio, as well as a double smile, etc.. Of course, the specific configuration but also to see the outcome of the conference the same day.相关的主题文章: