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Legal Daily: defective product recall does not apply double standards – View – original title: defective product recall does not apply double standards of defective product recall system is an important measure to protect the interests of consumers, accordingly, this is the legal obligation of producers and sellers before the Samsung Corp decided to recall sales in mainland Chinese all SM-N9300 Galaxy Note7 digital mobile phone 190984 units (including 1858 units for the first time after the announcement of the recall of products). The State Administration for Industry and Commerce had been on the Samsung Corp relevant personnel to conduct interviews, requirements Chinese attach great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of consumers, to practically solve the legitimate demands of consumers Chinese, avoid discrimination of consumers in different countries (the "Legal Daily" October 13th). To safeguard the interests of consumers need government departments conscientiously perform supervisory duties, for defective products were investigated and interviewed the relevant personnel in a timely manner, especially for multinational enterprises equally protect the interests of consumers, this is an important manifestation of safeguarding consumers’ right of equality. At the same time, the Consumers Association and other non-governmental organizations to actively force for consumer rights weapon, to ensure that multinational corporations in the process of implementation of the recall of defective products, consumer countries plays an important role in promoting non discrimination. Even more critical is that the recall of its defective products Samsung Corp should equal treatment of consumers, rather than double standards. Samsung Corp within the scope of the recall of products, due to the presence of abnormal heat, burning and other issues, 20 cases have occurred in China overheating and burning accidents in mainland China, these products are defective products undoubtedly, this is an important reason for two times quality inspection administration interviewed the Samsung Corp. The defective products recall of defective products to manufacturers, distributors, importers in the production and sales of imported products exist or may lead to consumer health and safety issues, shall report to the departments to promptly notify consumers, try to recall defective products from the market, consumers, and free repair or replacement. The measures for the independent recall of defective products, including repair, return and replacement, etc.. But Samsung Electronics in the decision of the global recall, global stop before, and did not treat the Chinese market consumers and consumers in Europe and the United States equal treatment, which is indeed worth the industry and commerce, quality supervision and other regulatory reflection. The regulatory authorities in the media reports of multinational companies selling defective products, suffered a number of airlines fly, embargo circumstances, should actively fulfill their supervisory duties, in order to ensure the equal right of consumer rights protection. At the same time, manufacturers recall defective products should bear the corresponding costs. The consumer protection law provisions of article nineteenth, the operators found the goods or services they provide defects, endanger personal and property safety hazard, it shall immediately report to the relevant administrative departments and inform consumers and to take to stop the sale, warning, recall, harmless treatment, destruction and other measures to stop production or service. Where the recall measures are taken, the operator shall bear the necessary expenses for the consumers to be recalled for the goods. Therefore, the Samsung Corp can not be damaged by mobile phones, packaging or accessories incomplete, the loss of refusal to recall;相关的主题文章: