Let Go Of The Pack Rat Syndrome-yo te amo

I overslept Quite a bit this morning with so much to do before I move. BLAH! Luckily a phone call from my colleague and friend Everett J. Smith to wish me a great trip awoke me out of the slumber I was in. Upon hanging up I realized my blackberry was flashing like a disco ball from the multitude of emails I had received into my 8-9 email accountswhile in my slumber. I checked those on my laptop which was on the bed open next to me and being the FaceBook junkie I am also perused through FB to see what was going on since i fell asleep 7 hours ago. As I look out across all the things I have to do I realized that I have accumulated a great deal of items in the 2 years that i have been in N.Y. While I have sold many things and given away a lot more in preparation for this move it seems I still have quite a hoard to get rid of. I am officially A "Pack Rat." However I am A Pack Rat of a special breed. I am A New York City bred Pack Rat. Us New Yorkers are pack rats of a different class. We don’t throw away anything. Anything at all. The stuff that I have seen in people’s apts has been there for years is nothing short of amazing. Some of us are minor packrats such as myself. but some of us are borderline O.C.D. Pack Rats Being a pack rat is something I inherited from my mother who in turn I’m sure inherited it from my grandmother who at one time was a tremendous pack rat. Why are so many New Yorkers pack rats? I can only guess that it has to do with the apartment style living so many of us are born and bred in. There is only so much space in an apt. and Life does bring us a multitude of things that mean quite a great deal so we tend to hoard it. It then turns into a habit to never throw anything away and becomes almost instinctive to the point where you become literally a junk collector. I’m not going to name "names" of people because I too do it to an extent but I have seen things from broken washing machines converted into kitchen counters, broken t.v.’s turned into entertainment centers, and newspaper collections that rival that of the N.Y. public library. These are the same people (of which class I belong to) that complain about not having any room, closet space, and feel suffocated because there is much much stuff crammed into these apartments that we just don’t want to let go of. This same breed also never deletes anything off their computer and then complains because they keep running out of hard drive space. Ask A New Yorker if they enjoy moving and they look at you like if you were the demon baby from the Exorcist. New Yorkers hate moving and the biggest reason is having to sort through all the junk accumulated during the life span of their apt. occupancy. Yet I have an aunt that has lived in an apt. in the Bronx for at least 40 years yet she is one of the few non-pack rats I know. She falls into that 10% bracket. I’ve realized during my growth into the MAN I’ve became that you have got to let go of things in order to continue evolving. Whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, sometimes you have got to get out of that "Pack Rat Syndrome" and learn to move on. Sometimes doing something as little as "Spring Cleaning’ in our lives can rid us of this dreaded "pack rat effect." So take a look around your apt, house, studio, or van, and if you even suspect you may have the "Pack Rat Syndrome", start giving, selling, and throwing stuff away. Do not limit this to the physical aspects of your lives. Do this inside of you also. You will feel a lot better. It can even alleviate negative energy in your life. Now I’m off to my Saturday of finishing up for my move to Los Angeles on Monday and my party tonight with my family. Take Care, To Your Success, Health & Wealth. About the Author: Al Spaulding is an Online Entrepreneur who specializes in showing local/small businesses succeed online in this New World Market via Twitter, Facebook, & other Social Media Venues. A Writer & Poet who rants, & muses quite often he never is one to shy away from expressing himself with value, humor, & often controversial topics. You can catch him at his blog. http://alspaulding.com Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章: