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Li Keqiang on the development of the SCO cooperation provided 6 suggestions original title: Li Keqiang to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Member States heads of government (the prime minister) the fifteenth meeting of the Council of 3 November, Xinhua news agency, Bishkek (reporter Tian Dongdong Chen Yao) Premier Li Keqiang 3 at noon local time to attend the summit the governments of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the center of Bishkek’s Congress (Premier Hotel the fifteenth meeting of the Council). Li Keqiang said that the SCO was founded 15 years, always maintain a good momentum of development, play an irreplaceable role in promoting regional stability and prosperity, but also make a positive contribution to promoting world peace and development. This year, the Tashkent summit, President Xi Jinping and other leaders will further promote cooperation in various fields area put forward a number of initiatives, the development of the SCO has taken new steps. At present, the international situation is undergoing profound changes, the SCO member states only work together to achieve common development and long period of stability. Li Keqiang on the development of the SCO cooperation in the future and put forward some suggestions: one is to create a safe and stable environment. The SCO member states should follow the concept of common security, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable, to further strengthen coordination and cooperation in the field of security, promote the regional anti terrorist organization and mechanism construction, deepening the information exchange and law enforcement cooperation, to ensure the safety of people of all countries and other domestic institutions, enterprises and staff members. Two is to build the development pattern of integration. Strengthen strategic coordination and joint development of national economy, China proposes "The Belt and Road construction is cooperation and construction docking of the Eurasian Economic union. China is willing to work with all parties to promote regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, strengthen Customs, inspection and quarantine, certification and accreditation and other areas of cooperation. The construction of the SCO FTA initiative open, willing parties to do the feasibility study of free trade area and regional economic cooperation, and actively explore the framework of more comprehensive, close and efficient. Three is to enhance the level of production cooperation. At present, Kazakhstan cooperation capacity early harvest project smoothly, Chinese enterprises in the construction of Uzbekistan power plant in Kyrgyzstan, the construction of the refinery, in the operation of Tajikistan cement plant construction projects is good, Ukraine is to build industrial park. China is willing to work together with all parties to work together to create an important pillar of regional economic and trade cooperation, the formation of regional economic growth pole, the benefit of the people of the relevant countries. The four is to explore the opportunities for innovation and cooperation. China further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to carry out extensive public entrepreneurship, innovation. China is willing to strengthen innovation policy docking and exchange of experiences with other countries to promote cross-border e-commerce to enhance the level of customs clearance facilitation, logistics support capabilities, to promote cooperation in environmental technology innovation, green economy. Five is to improve the regional financing mechanism. Make full use of the SCO interbank consortium, the Asian infrastructure investment bank, fund, China Eurasia Silk Road Economic Cooperation Fund, the new BRICs development bank financing platform, to promote the economic development of member countries and to provide financing support for the implementation of regional cooperation projects. China is willing to further strengthen cooperation with local currency swap and settlement. Six is to lay a solid foundation for cultural exchanges. China is willing to work with all parties signed on the SCO University set up and operation of the agreement, branch)相关的主题文章: