Libya government forces rescued 13 foreign hostages from is drop dead diva

The Libya army rescued 13 foreigners Xinhua Tunisia on 22 October, from the hands of IS (reporter Zhang Xuanruisu to) Tripoli news: Libya national unity government guard 22 days in the western city of Soult and the extremist organization Islamic state militants, rescued 13 foreign hostages. The national unity government spokesman told Xinhua News Agency reporters, government and extremist militants guard after three days of heavy fighting, successfully captured by the vast majority of Islamic state control of city, rescued 13 foreign hostages. The hostages include 11 Eritrean, 1 Turks and 1 egyptians. In recent years, terrorist organizations and extremist organizations to use the situation in Libya unrest in the territory of the expansion of the scope of influence. The Islamic state of disarray, occupying Soult Delna, and a stronghold in the vicinity of Tripoli, Benghazi and other places. Since May this year, the Libya government of national unity composed of anti Islamic state militia alliance, to increase Soult, the Islamic state military crackdown, and announced that military action has made significant progress in August. (end)相关的主题文章: