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Listed companies to accelerate the layout of the shadow tour IP conversion – People’s game original title: listed companies to accelerate the layout of the shadow tour IP transformation in recent years, IP has not only limited to a specific field. For listed companies, the film IP is accelerating into the game IP, and then to the game derived fields spread; also in the game IP into IP film, to accelerate the expansion of the game fans, the game further realized feedback. Insiders said that the shadow tour IP conversion has a natural advantage, the audience of the two groups have a strong spending power, and the younger, the higher the conversion rate of fans. Shadow tour IP to speed up the transformation of the industry, shadow tour linkage for film and television content and game content interaction, more mainstream as the popular game adapted into a TV drama, or will hit TV drama adapted for the game of the same name. We can put the original as a parent, adapted from the works called sub body, shadow tour is the primary and secondary linkage linkage, excellent parent can derived sub, sub body provides a huge audience, while high quality progeny can also return maternal feeding, maintaining maternal Redubujian, forming a double win situation. Huayi Brothers official said in an interview with reporters, Huayi Brothers at the end of February 2016 the completion of the mobile gaming company hero mutual entertainment shares and become its second largest shareholder. Thus, the Huayi Brothers layout finally after 6 years in the field of mobile games in the build from the game, game publishers to complete the chain of E-sports events, such as the A shares listed company Mobile Games palm interested in science and technology, mobile gaming company three new board hero to create mutual entertainment, accumulated nearly 200 million users of the explosion Mobile Games "space-time Hunter" silverside game. It started to improve "silverside game hunters" IP value and two times cash, which includes not only the cross-border cooperation with apparel, FMCG, digital and other industry leading brands, including the game to the film and television works IP conversion. It is reported that the silverside game has been invited to the famous writers of "hunters" script writing, and has begun to remake its work; tour video linkage popular masterpiece "-" Mobile Games has also been in the summer market. Shadow tour linkage to better tap the ability to achieve outstanding IP, in both ends of the shadow tour double harvest. At the same time, through the process of adaptation, looking for the new development of the original IP, to provide new ideas for the development of IP. Perfect world, said the company currently has a number of shadow tour linkage program has been launched. Among them, "the legend of the Condor Heroes" mobile phone games and new TV series has begun to try collaboration and interaction, with future product marketing will also realize the whole industry chain. Zhu Xian as a high-quality IP, also received a deeper excavation. Hero mutual entertainment said, the development or operation of any a eSports games products adapted into movies, television dramas, network drama or other stage works of art and other rights, in the same conditions to give priority to licensed or transferred to Huayi enjoy; if the development of e-sports game products to Huayi Brothers entertainment real scene in the project, Huayi will be in priority under the same conditions and hero mutual entertainment cooperation. Market groups continue to expand the two market, the layout of the shadow tour IP market groups continue to expand相关的主题文章: