Luhan, not bad Aries (video)

Luhan, not "bad" Aries [Abstract] one thing has decided to do, did not do well. Two months ago, he picked up all the rest of the work and took part in the filming. This is his career after the first drama, he did not want to "do", "still have nadechushou." "The rhythm of the last couple of years is so fast that I don’t even know what happened…… Sometimes suddenly see a video, just remember, oh! I also took part in the activity! This place has been to myself!" At the moment, known as the "super idol actor, singer," Mr. Luhan was in the makeup leather sofa, breaking a finger at a face talking about people "Meng circle" daily travel and normal life. "In particular, when the concert, the whole cycle. Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, in the middle there are advertising, awards ceremony of the work, but all types of work are the same, even the order is really the same! Everything else is the same except for the clothes. Finally, I was confused by myself! Before Guangzhou is not the case, then I went to Shanghai in the end what to do……" He said the head speed is not consciously accelerated, like a supersonic train is roaring faintness, wind blew her hair. He didn’t like the spread of the network that completely comfortable show a relaxed posture, but "Beijing paralysis" hunched his hands in his lap frame bibihuahua appearance, with idle rock, but there is no cover to expose his Beijing boy Matsu Yuya’s physique. When chatting, he also occasionally hand Hu Lu Hu Lu after the hair, fluffy bangs are not free to rub back, he will also make them so zhileng. Compared with two years ago at home more intense development, now he is talkative and relaxed many, politeness and modesty of the original but also well preserved, just a little more magnanimous and easy-going. In exchange, he was too much to handle and alert tone, so do yourself can say out. Cocked his head to listen carefully to every question, very few negative words, his face often reveals a smile. Just talking about let him confused and disoriented busy work, the eye will be slightly lowered, a little sleep lazy, but the next moment immediately raised his head a let yourself make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks recover. He talked about the filming of the TV series, "choose heaven," from the summer to the fall, and now still shoot. In order to make people more ancient style of tall and straight, at least four layers inside coat gown every day. He used to wake up every morning and always have a period of time will be slightly swollen face, "but now don’t worry." Why? "Early in the morning, I put on the costume and finished the first play. I was so tired that I was soaked through…… Hot!" After the "deer Han wet", they just couldn’t help but be yourself "intelligent" burst chi to delight the moment amused, climb the brow. Everything may occur at this time by his name to observe and understand this for two years. He was like a deer, starting from the first leg of a trial without hesitation into the fog of the forest, the rules of the game is not completely understood, but also without fear. Then the skylight gradually lit, he lost away!相关的主题文章: