Luoyang excavated more than 1000 ancient tombs a year, nearly 5000 pieces of unearthed cultural reli remonstrate

Luoyang a year excavation of the ancient tomb unearthed cultural relics thousand seat nearly 5000 Sohu – Xinhua News Agency Zhengzhou February 12th news (reporter Li Peng) reporter from the Henan Luoyang cultural relics department, only in 2015, the city of Luoyang on the excavation of ancient tombs more than 1000 seats, the ancient cultural relics unearthed nearly 5000 pieces (sets). According to reports, the cultural relics department of Luoyang city in 2015, the archaeological sites in the city area of 20 thousand square meters, in addition to more than 1000 tombs, including other cultural relics in more than 100, which has high research value of Yichuan Xu Yang, archaeological investigation and excavation of cemetery offshore area Kou Zhen Wei and Jin tomb archaeological excavations, Luoyang Zhu bin the Eastern Han Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties excavated M722 cemetery in Longquan Luoyang City, Luanchuan County Water Survey and excavation hole Paleolithic site archaeological excavations and archaeological excavation projects. In the unearthed nearly 5000 pieces (sets) of historical relics, more than 500 pieces of casting exquisite workmanship, exquisite decoration, gorgeous color of the treasures have been repaired in time. The metal in the bronze cultural relics repair more than 100 pieces (sets), repair pottery and three color based ceramics more than 300 pieces of cultural relics. Author: Li Peng (source: Xinhua News Agency)

洛阳一年发掘古墓千余座 出土文物近5000件-搜狐新闻  新华社郑州2月12日专电(记者李鹏)记者从河南洛阳市文物部门获悉,仅2015年,洛阳市就发掘历代古墓1000余座,出土历代文物近5000件(套)。  据洛阳市文物部门介绍,2015年,该市考古发掘遗址面积达2万平方米,除1000余座古墓外,还包括其他文物遗迹100余处,其中伊川徐阳墓地考古调查与发掘、伊滨区寇店镇魏晋墓考古发掘、洛阳朱仓M722东汉陵园遗址发掘、隋唐洛阳城水系调查与发掘、栾川县龙泉洞旧石器遗址考古发掘等考古发掘项目都具有较高研究价值。  而在出土的近5000件(套)历代文物中,500余件铸造技艺精湛、纹饰精美、色彩华丽的珍品得到了及时修复。其中,修复以青铜器为主的金属类文物100余件(套),修复以陶器和三彩为主的陶瓷类文物300多件。  作者:李鹏 (来源:新华社)相关的主题文章: