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Made in Germany is how from the copycat goods to outshine others in the world today, the Germans rigorous rational character has "made in Germany" signs will be forged into steel, eight years since the European debt crisis also failed to destroy the German manufacturing brand, and there is also the fundamental guarantee for the manufacturing sector in Germany, Germany to become a thriving, "Dinghaishenzhen economic crisis in the euro area and the European revival of hope. The British Industrial Revolution from the beginning of 1760s, basically completed by the middle of nineteenth Century, and until 1830s, Germany’s industrial revolution has just started, exactly 70 years later German manufacturing have to through various channels to study in the uk. Since then, the German gentlemen frequently haunt the London Business Tycoon gathering, learning at that time the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes. When they returned to the country after Germany is still in agriculture, they began to use the new British manufacturing knowledge "unscrupulous" copy of industrial products. Due to the low cost of labor in Germany, the workers have been extended indefinitely, "cheap goods" made in Germany to win a large market. In addition, in order to pursue the interests of the time, the German manufacturing counterfeit product is marked "made in Great Britain" "Sheffield" made "made in Manchester" quality inspection seal exports to occupy British overseas market. In 1876, Philadelphia hosted the World Expo, the price supervision, machine building technology expert Professor Jo Loakes in "German manufacturing cheap and poor evaluation of exhibitors," cheap and poor "became newspapers in Europe and the United States Germany made eye-catching layout review banner. In August 23, 1887, British industry could not bear the German manufacturing base, the British Parliament passed the trademark law in terms of insulting, German made special provisions mark, Germany imported products must be marked "Made in Germany", the quality of "British manufacturing and" copycat "made in Germany" draw a line "made in Germany" has since become a new legal term, refers to discrimination is inferior to the German goods. All the countries in the world especially the British German made "copycat" products of the boycott, the German entrepreneurs to shame, "quality competition" has become a consensus. The German manufacturing industry began a comprehensive transformation from the production process, production technology, worker training, production management and other aspects, and focus on product development and innovation, improving the welfare of workers on the basis of call to pay for the nation’s manufacturing industry spirit. In addition, the German manufacturing almost at the same time experienced the first and the second industrial revolution, the development of such a leap to the German manufacturing advantage and the opportunity to catch up. More importantly, the German nation specific and stringent attention to manufacturing for its off into a spirit of "fuel", conscientious, artisan spirit is the cornerstone of strict in demands made in Germany’s rise. Today, the German made products are not the British people in the eyes of the knockoff. All our products are can be used permanently, not bad, "the German craftsmen is with such confidence, the pursuit of the" create "the same pursuit of eternal and immortal, which made in germany.相关的主题文章: