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SEO A good search engine optimization .pany is in the business of improving your website so that you get more and better visitors to your site. Better simply means that they take whatever action you ask of them on the site, be it to purchase something, or to fill out an action sheet, or download information. The SEO .pany endeavors, through a variety of means, to boost your website’s position in search engine rankings, which helps to move your website’s listing higher up the search results list. If you have spent any time searching for various topics on Yahoo, for example, you know that you will receive back several web pages that relate in some way to the keywords you entered in the listing you see on your .puter screen. You also know, from personal experience, that you and others tend to click on the links closest to the top of the first page, rather than scrolling far down the page or even clicking the pages deeper in the listing. A search engine optimization service can help make Yahoo work better for you and your website. Yahoo was created by a couple of graduate students at Stanford University, Jerry Yang and David Filo, in 1994. Yahoo offers several features such as mail, news, a directory, a web portal and, of course, its popular search engine. It offers several different types of search services including for images, video, news, local searches and shopping searches. You can now even use your mobile telephone to search for topics on the Internet by using Yahoo’s OneSearch. An SEO service is familiar with each search engine, including Yahoo, and knows there are proprietary algorithms that are used as a way to record procedures for ranking websites. People providing an SEO service sometimes study a search engine .pany’s patent information to gain clues to their algorithms. An SEO .pany has a basic idea of what occurs during the search process and can use this to highlight important steps. After you have entered your key words into the Yahoo search engine, Yahoo uses web robots, called crawlers or spiders, to search through the many web pages seeking to identify those key words, and then identifying the links listed on each page, and identifying words on the linked pages as well. A web crawler might also take note of the number of times a key word is used on a web page, and that can cause it to rank higher in a search engine listing. Creating SEO content for your website that makes it easier for web crawlers to find is a .mon practice that a good SEO .pany will use. Quality SEO .panies will also .e up with interesting, informative and unique content that will attract visitors to your site. An SEO .pany will use their knowledge of how all the search engines work, including Yahoo, in order to help position your website higher up in the search engine result listings. SEO, used in conjunction with other Inter. marketing tactics, can bring more visitors to your web site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: