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The man owed 7 million friends to kill that hurt the screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot original title: man who owed 7 million friends to kill that hurt as the saying goes, Qianzhaihuanqian as unalterable principles. However, today we event hero but because owe money, put yourself and others cornered. In Linzhou city court criminal trial court, more than and 100 pairs of eyes were staring at Zhang Baosheng. April 7th a year ago, he personally ruined the life of Guo Xianzhou is that he spent years old friends. Zhang Baosheng said, because the personal relationship is good, he will take Guo Xianzhou’s money to do business, earn money to give him bonus. Before 2011, the business was doing well, and even if Guo Xianzhou had a high interest rate, Zhang Baosheng could afford it. After 2012, because the economy is like a problem, unable to pay the interest at the beginning of each year, Zhang Baosheng and Guo Xianzhou will be on an account, the interest owed to the accumulated ious. Just like a snowball Glutinous Rice Rolls with Sweet Bean Flour arrears by the end of 2014, before the incident, Zhang Baosheng Guo Xianzhou has owed about 3000000 yuan, after he received the Guo Xianzhou 4 million investment funds, Guo Xianzhou almost every day to go to Zhang Baosheng for money. According to Zhang Baosheng account because it can not bear to ask for money for their own insult to Guo Xianzhou, self-esteem hurt, so the initiation of a terrible idea. As for Guo Xianzhou in the end what is the use of debt, Zhang Baosheng did not say. At that time, in Zhang Baosheng’s heart, the initiation of a dangerous and crazy idea. In January 2015, Zhang Baosheng Guo Xianzhou said that he was forced no way, went to Shanxi to find him a killer Guoshan often kill Guo Xianzhou. To help Zhang Baosheng find the killer who is called Chang Guoshan, took the money but did not find the killer, so often Guoshan decided and Zhang Baosheng together kill Guo Xianzhou. They pay on the grounds of money, Guo Xianzhou cheat on the van and drove to the mountain to the west. The incident that day at 16:46, Zhang Baosheng texted often can be asked by hand Guoshan strangled, often with a claw hammer to hit the victim Guoshan head, Zhang Baosheng finally put Guo Xianzhou to death. Subsequently, Zhang and Guo Xianzhou often together with the body into a deep well, abandoned the tools of crime and related documents, and the crime of burning the vehicle. In order to money, Zhang Baosheng at accidentally killed a friend for many years. Zhang Baosheng looks more calm in the trial, but the eyes of the daughter and the gallery after a glance, Zhang Baosheng instantly tears. Editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: