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Landscaping-Gardening Have you considered altering the design of your home to give it a more Mediterranean look? You can do this fairly easily. With some Mediterranean furniture as well as some Mediterranean decor, the look and feel of your home can be .pletely changed. The reason that this style is called Mediterranean is that it reflects the design of homes built in the areas that border the Mediterranean Sea. Included in this region are such areas as Turkey, Northern Africa, Tuscany, Italy, Southern Spain, Greece and Provence in France. Anything that is traditionally used in homes in this region can be used in this type of design. Homes in these areas tend to be very open and have lots of light and air. Therefore, this is the same general feeling that you want to evoke. The colors used are the colors that reflect the region as well. Therefore, if you just stop and think about these areas, you will know exactly what colors can be used. Basically, you are choosing colors that reflect the Mediterranean landscape. You can either use colors that fit anywhere in the region or you can decide to focus on one country in particular. For example, you can use blues for any region as it calls to mind the sea. In Greece, blues are used as accents to go with the white washed homes. For a hint of Provence, you might want to use the yellow of sunflowers, the lavender of lavender flowers, the olive of olives in addition to the blue of the sea. Actually, olives are grown in much of the Mediterranean region so makes a good color to include. In all of the areas, but especially Northern Africa, terracotta is used. Terracotta is often used specifically in tiling, especially for floors or for walls in the kitchen and bathroom. A .mon technique is to use plain terracotta tiling with more colorful tiles interspersed. Terracotta pottery is often used for accents throughout the various rooms in the house. In particular, you can use terracotta cooking pots for the kitchen. When it .es to the furniture, this is generally simple and made from either wood or wrought iron. Again, you want the feel of the space to be open, so you do not want to have too many pieces in one room. Furniture is also often accented with colorful tiles or, in some cases, stained glass. Any materials used for your decor should be natural ones. The Mediterranean look is based on simplicity. Accents to consider are wrought iron candle holders, rugs handcrafted in regional fashion, Mediterranean style paintings and terracotta pottery. You want the space to have an older, even timeless feel to it. Therefore, when you paint, in addition to choosing colors of the regional palette, you should also think about texture. There are techniques you can use to create a plaster like effect on the walls. The key is to make all your choices ones that fit the style and color of this region. There is a great deal to pick from so you should find it pretty easy. In the end, you will have created a space that will transport you to the sea and sun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: