Mentally retarded children sleeping next to the mother’s body can be placed in Kunming Minor Protect-hyuna

Mentally retarded children sleep mother can be placed next to the remains of Kunming Juvenile Protection Center – Beijing, well intentioned people visit Hill 28 on the morning of 11, Second People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, Zhang sent a lunch for the hills. The hill smilingly took the lunch box, humming, shaking head, though not speak, but he has directed Zhang laugh. The transitional resettlement hill has also been progress in the Bureau of Civil Affairs Staff Welfare Department of Kunming City, the hill can go to the Kunming Municipal People’s government relief management station of minors protection center, such as the household registration information is confirmed, further placement. Will be called "sister" will say "thank you", "hill, said to me ‘food incense’". Yesterday, the liquid room is busy with the work of nurses to work out their heads to teach the hill. "When I first came, he almost didn’t make a sound, we have free will teach him to say a few words, now he can speak a few words, called ‘sister’, say ‘thank you’, we will follow the ‘toilet’ shoes’, enunciation is clear." Nurses, hill in the emergency department for nearly 4 months, the progress is particularly large, I feel a few years old. The food of the hill is sent to him by the hospital canteen every day, in order to ensure the nutrition and health of the child, every meal is a meat. Responsible for hill bath nurse, Hill before the toilet are in bed, now learn to urinate, but still stayed in bed stool. "To help him take a bath, nail scissors are a few of our nurses in charge, we will give him a weekly bath, shampoo, at least give him a bath two times." Looking at the clean white hills, the nurse said with a smile. Will never be homeless nowhere to go yesterday, the reporter interviewed on the placement of the Kunming Municipal Bureau of civil affairs social welfare department. The staff, in accordance with the "first treatment after the rescue rescue work" principle, the spirit of life to the children of the supremacy of the purposes, to children first active treatment; children stay stable vital signs, physical rehabilitation, to the people’s Government of Kunming city rescue station protection of minors receiving assistance center. Currently, the public security organs are further verification of the identity of the hill domicile information, if verified clearly, to find their families or relatives, civil affairs departments will escort them back to their loved ones. If you can not find their family members or relatives, in accordance with the relevant state policies and regulations, the civil affairs department will also be escorted back to the location of their domicile. The staff said that in the public security organs to verify the identity of the hill domicile, while the civil affairs departments will actively carry out relief work. Verified by the public security organs, such as the hill does not have the identity of the household registration, civil affairs departments will be placed with the relevant departments to the child welfare agencies, and never let the hills homeless, nowhere to go. The hills of the people feel distressed, thanks to the care and care of the child care! Thanks to the relevant departments and enthusiastic people to help and care! In fact, each of us touched the hills of the people in the heart, I hope the children can find their own families, in the family’s healthy growth." Spring City Evening News reporter Chen Zhuling Li Jianlanwen Intern Liu Xiaoqing photo [] mother early reports.相关的主题文章: