Merchants Earn More After Affiliate

Affiliate-Revenue An attraction of affiliate marketing is the savings that the merchant will gain when he no longer conducts his own advertising and publicity. Some merchants, who already have a well-established affiliate marketing program, no longer bother to conduct any activity that will lead to more sales. Such may not impair the current sales of the online business, but it failed to tap into another avenue of selling that can increase the revenue of the online business. Thus, the merchant must still conduct some form of advertising even when he has an effective affiliate marketing program, and even when he has hundreds of affiliates conducting the promotions for him. The merchant must look into making a second or even a third sale to the customers he acquired. Such is called back-end selling. The practice of back-end selling can .plement affiliate marketing. Here are some ways that a merchant can perform back-end selling: Newsletters Whether through email or sent through snail mail, these publications are perfect avenues to introduce the other products of the merchant. These other products are the back-end products. Therefore, in the merchants website, there should be a part where the customer is asked whether he would like to receive free newsletters from the online .pany. If the customer clicks yes, then this customer will be taken to a page that will ask for his email or mailing address. Thank You Letters Sending a thank you letter for patronizing the merchants products is not just a form of courtesy. It is a wise business practice. With the thank you letter, the merchant must mention the back-end product. Customer Satisfaction Calls If the merchant is not .fortable in writing brilliant thank you letters, he may choose to give the customer a phone call. During the phone call, the merchant will check if the customer was happy about the product they already bought. This call shows a concern for the customer. But it is again an avenue for back-end selling. The merchant will attempt to mention the back-end products. Customers Only In the website of the merchant, there will be a webpage that can be accessed only by its customers. When a visitor has be.e a paying customer due to affiliate marketing, this paying customer can go to the webpage that contains more about the product that he has bought. In that same page, there may be ads for the back-end products Back-end selling for the merchant easier because the customer has already given his trust after the initial sale brought by affiliate marketing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: