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UnCategorized Corrosion and wear resistant coatings and dry lubricants are effective ways to properly care for and help prolong the life expectancy of expensive .mercial machinery. Industries that .monly require and employ corrosion resistant coatings are: rubber and plastics, nuclear, automotive, food processing, OEM machine tooling and bearings. Coatings for the rubber and plastics industries aim to reduce maintenance and machine downtime. Coatings are often applied to molding .ponents. Coatings also help to maintain the cleanliness of machinery, because the majority of burned-on .pounds are easily removed. Typical corrosion or coating applications include coating cavities and cores, check rings, mold bases and plates, sleeves, lifters, textured surfaces, hot runners, pins, barrels, nozzles, screws, inserts and a bevy of other applications and uses. Coatings for the nuclear industries .ponents are typically geared toward reactors. Coatings help to improve wear resistance and prolong the life of reactors, in addition to reducing the impacts of galling and seizing. The coatings used do not interfere with or are affected by radiation found in reactors, and the coating applied can withstand temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Typical corrosion or coating applications include rods and tubes, adjustable nuts, thread .ponents, underwater cutting equipment, stainless steel, adjustable bolts, pumps, grippers, pins and various metals. Coatings for the automotive parts industries aim to significantly reduce the rate of scrap metal and lower labor costs. Coatings can help in reducing the need to apply lubricants during automotive applications. By reducing the amount of lubricants needed, clean up times are reduced. Typical corrosion/coating applications include various dies, fuel injection parts, welding machines, molds, chains, robotic equipment, tools and punches. Coatings for the food processing industries aim to better equip equipment to extend its life. Coatings applied to food processing equipment allow it to better stand up to daily washings and cleanings. Typical corrosion/coating applications include heat sealing tools, rails, packaging equipment, bearings, various cutting or coring tools, slides, hoppers, feeder systems, chutes, guides, valves and shafts. Coatings for OEM machine tooling provide first-rate protection against friction for a variety of machinery sizes. Metal-to-metal shifting applications withstand the coatings. Typical corrosion and/or wear coating applications include shafts, bearings, pins, splines, conveyor systems, housings, slides, roundways, gears, locknuts, spindles, screws, cams, gibs, rolls, and seal areas. Coatings for the bearing industry provide excellent corrosion and wear protection to stainless steel. This means that less expensive metals may be used in the creation of bearings, but they may be coated to last longer. Ball, roller and linear bearings are capable of being coated. Typical corrosion or wear coating applications include ball bearings, ball screws, ball nuts, slides, needles, liner bearings, shafts, rails, thrust bearings and carriages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: