Meteorological Station issued a typhoon yellow warning Zhejiang coast will have a big storm rain – S-660003

Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning typhoon along the coast of Zhejiang will have a new network September 18th news storms – Sohu news, the Central Meteorological Station in September 18th 06 continue to publish yellow warning typhoon, the sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" (typhoon) center today (18 days) of the East Hainan sea is located about 280 km to Zhejiang at 5 o’clock in the morning southeast of Wenling, is 26.4 degrees north latitude, longitude 123.1 degrees, near the center of the largest wind 14 (45 m / sec), minimum central pressure of 95 thousand kPa, seven wind circle radius of 280~320 km, ten wind circle radius of 100 km, 50 km twelve wind circle radius. Expected, "Maleka" will be 10~15 kilometers per hour speed to the north easterly direction, will be moving to the Northeast in the eastern Zhejiang coastal sea at noon today, gradually close to the southwest coast of Japan, and weakened the degeneration of extratropical cyclone. Gale forecast: September 18th 08 to 19, 08, Huang Hainan department, Hangzhou Bay, Yangtze River Estuary, coastal Zhejiang and northern coastal areas of Fujian, most of the East China Sea, Ocean east of Taiwan, northeast of Taiwan, the northern and Eastern Taiwan coastal winds will be 7~9, part of the sea wind 10~12 grade, "near the sea wind up to 13~14 Maleka center after the 15 gust. Precipitation forecast: September 18th 08 to 19 at 08, Eastern Zhejiang, Eastern Taiwan have moderate to heavy rain, which, Zhejiang’s eastern coast, Eastern Taiwan, some areas of heavy rain (50 ~ 60 mm). Defense Guide: the government and relevant departments in accordance with the duties of good anti typhoon rescue and emergency work; the relevant water operations and passing ships should be back to harbor, strengthening port facilities to prevent the ship anchor, grounding and collision; stop indoor and outdoor large gatherings and outdoor air and other dangerous operations. Reinforcement or demolition of structures susceptible to the wind, people do not go out freely, should stay in the wind safety as much as possible, to ensure the children a safe place to stay home, dangerous timely transfer of personnel. When the typhoon center wind will reduce or rest for a period of time, you will be suddenly hit by strong winds, should remain sheltered in safety, dangerous timely transfer of personnel. Related areas should pay attention to prevent heavy rainfall may lead to flash floods, geological disasters.相关的主题文章: