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Mickey Huang’s first talk about the single life: grow up is not terrible, people.com.cn entertainment channel — Mickey Huang Fei Yuqing to people.com.cn broadcast on Youku platform very popular "little brother" Hey, because Fei Yuqing’s joke skill all fire to the major social networks, people relish. But in addition to saying, this Sunday in the Oprah Mickey Huang guests also brought a warm warm. Although Mickey Huang has always been a funny City, in this phase of the program for the first time, he recalls young single life, said he had the same experience to grow up overnight, called on friends to find a way back into love, dry your eyes go to their own personal experience to encourage users to comfort, an extra touching. In the program, there is a call girl sobbing impressive. She sobbed her father found derailed for many years, in another small family, was found after his had disappeared, leaving no income of the mother, and her brother to school entrance examination. In the face of such a complex family problem, radical Chen Rong proposed the use of legal weapons to defend their rights and interests of the mother, such as the slag daddy can not tolerate. Brother Fei Yuqing and moderates in a high state of wide Ren pointed out that "some fate in life is very wonderful…… Have the opportunity to talk to Dad open, try to understand about it." Perhaps in the little heart without resentment, what fault, contradiction is more important than human understanding and family. The two sides view scene not to draw further apart, then the guests, Mickey Huang in a road way, about his childhood parents divorced in the past. He said: "Fish Leong has a song called" grow up overnight ". Sometimes we do not know when to face the sudden growth of this thing, I was like this, when I was 10 years old parents separated, suddenly my mother was going away, I also grew up overnight. I think it is not a bad thing to grow up overnight, from this moment to take care of themselves, take good care of my brother." He repeatedly stressed that the then 10 year old himself, although not too many sentimental words, but can feel that little child should not bear the radiance of his age is received, this is his later success factors. He used his own experience, empathy to give the audience over a person’s experience and suggestions, emotionally touching and inspirational, full of positive energy. "I feed" broadcasting is already more than half of all earthly troubles and secular attitudes of friends to talk, let us feel relaxed and full of the wisdom of life, many scripts that people smile, is more of a sense of humanity and life attitude, it includes a variety of possible world and life, too let us see those stars on weekdays superior side of the most sincere heart, they are our idols, but also our mentor, brings us thinking from different angles and warm care. 22:00 Sunday night, and Fei Yuqing, Mickey Huang strong and you meet "hello" Youku brother. (commissioning editor Jiang Bo and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: