Middle school on the road was shot and arrested 4 young police robbery-ca1835

Middle school on the road robbery police arrested 4 young shot by the original title: night school 4 guy designed to grab the middle school Chinese daily news (reporter Zhang Lin) because there is no money to eat, the Internet, and thus the students to "money" (robbery) crime motive, using night time students robbery. Recently, the rapid deployment of Ansai district police successfully cracked a series of night school students home robbery cases. October 18th morning, the Yanan Municipal Public Security Bureau Ansai Branch received a report, saying that there have been 4 students were robbed after the evening class, the students were robbed of cash. According to the police a victim of the students knew the 3 suspects clues, quickly retrieved the household registration information, in accordance with the suspect photos and video of the household monitoring body, clothing and other characteristics, in the students before and after the next evening, waiting in the incident dundian. 9 that night, the police found 4 young man again, the implementation of the arrest immediately to 4 suspects, arrested the suspect Zhang and Liu, the other two suspects escape. The Criminal Investigation Brigade of two people escaped the track, found that two people enter the xiaonangou. 11:40 that evening, the police confirmed that the two suspects escaped into the residence after the housing two suspects and arrested Liu Feng moumou. After the trial, 4 suspects confessed because of the lack of money to eat, Internet, and the students to produce money (robbery) of the criminal motive. 4 people buy 4 students under the baton, using night time, in Riverside Park, the Armed Forces Department Lane remote section of highway robbery crime. At the same time, also confessed to the theft of 4 people committing the crime from the theft of mobile phones 3, an electronic dog, more than $90 in cash and cigarettes and other criminal facts. Currently, the 4 suspects have been Ansai district police criminal detention according to law, the case is still under further investigation and verification. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: