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It should be moved to livable Bazhou ushered in the regional value speed hot springs Xindu peacock city (real estate information) 63-160 square meters spa mansion open livable life with the purchase of Beijing pine and land supply regulation not reaching prices soaring, a large number of home buyers demand began to overflow to the central Beijing area. Among them, with the location of entrepreneurial innovation of the city, the city of cultural ecology, happiness and peace of the city, the goal of Bazhou gradually appeared in people’s vision. From the home to the "13th Five-Year" livable Bazhou development history is the most concentrated period of great opportunities. Bazhou municipal Party committee, municipal government of the city "Jingnan important traffic hub, scientific and technological achievements into the base, the transformation and upgrading of leading area, Beijing non capital function bearing area" positioning, seriously study the Beijing non capital function and ease list, actively planning the construction of the Bazhou high tech Industrial Park, to undertake high-end green industry and strategic emerging industries. The construction of the new traffic trunk jinbaogaotie, Beijing PA intercity railway, the capital of the two airport expressway, further highlights the Bazhou traffic advantage richly endowed by nature, and inject new impetus for regional development. At the same time, Bazhou adhere to provide a good living environment for the public, and strive to build a city of entrepreneurial innovation, cultural ecology of the city, the city of peace and happiness, to create a clean, orderly, civilized and beautiful new image of Bazhou. Whether it is the corridor corridor wetland, or five Park, with two, the center of the ecological landscape pattern, Bazhou will build livable industry should swim satellite city as the goal. Livable city has experienced a great deal of attention in the Beijing real estate investment spillover population, ring Beijing property market is from the past "home in Beijing" to "livable Beijing" concept gradually change, property buyers who really value is the local living environment. Located in Bazhou, a residential residential property around the core, to build commercial, medical, education, leisure and other facilities, in work, life and ecological three-in-one a new generation of super – Hot Springs town livable Xindu peacock city by ring Beijing home their attention in the near future. Xindu spa peacock City spa as the core, through the five major health mode, build the whole health industry, multi angle depth of care owners around family health. The pension community, for all health care for the elderly residential facilities equipped with intelligent hardware; the age of super marathon sports facilities, green road, indoor and outdoor fitness facilities provide a full age fitness center; hot spring culture experience area, bamboo Pavilion Hall, library, health spa spa three one and other characteristics; recreation area create a colorful recreation, community, the cultural experience and the natural beauty of the combination of interaction; supply cycle of food, create a healthy diet culture, the whole cycle of community green health food supply. Household hot springs, Chengtie to the door construction area of 63-160 square meters two to four in the hot springs mansion into Beijing, open livable life! Rob room hotline: 400-819-1111 turn 644282相关的主题文章: