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The Ministry of industry minister responded to China industrial transfer to the eastern part of Russia’s "- Sohu News Ministry of industry minister Miao Wei (Photo by Wu Xiaoshan) today, the State Information Office held a press conference on industrial steady growth of structural adjustment on the situation, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei at the meeting to answer" the Russian reporter in domestic industry transfer to eastern Russia "the problem, said China and Russia have agreed a plan to establish the mechanism of cooperation between the two countries in the industrial field, extended to the entire industry based on the original civil aviation mechanism. Chinese encourage some companies to set up factories, to invest in russia. Tass reporter: in Chinese overcapacity is serious, I heard that the government Chinese and Russia cooperation projects, some of the Chinese industrial transfer to eastern Russia, comment on this? Also, can you comment on the Sino Russian cooperation industry? Thanks。 Miao Wei: Thank you very much. I made a special trip to Moscow and Russia last year, the Ministry of industry and trade minister Man Tu Rolf, we agreed on a plan to our two department as the foundation, a mechanism for the establishment of Sino Russian cooperation between the two countries in the field of industry, based on the original work is extended to the entire civil aviation industry mechanism. China also encouraged enterprises to go to Russia, to set up factories in the local investment, production, meet the needs of the Russian market. There are many exchanges in this aspect, we also have a series of plans. Is a Sino Russian strategic cooperative partnership, our mutual political trust, economic complementarity between the two countries is very obvious. Between the two countries through industrial cooperation, to achieve win-win situation, to make new contributions to the economic development of both countries. Thank you

工信部部长回应“把中国产业转移到俄东部”-搜狐新闻 工信部部长苗圩(吴晓山 摄)   今日,国新办就工业稳增长调结构有关情况举行发布会,工业和信息化部部长苗圩在会上回答俄记者“把中国产业转移到俄东部”的问题,称中俄已商定计划建立两国工业领域合作的一个机制,在原有民用航空机制的基础上扩展到整个工业领域。中国鼓励一些企业到俄罗斯去投资、设厂。   塔斯社记者:   在中国产能过剩比较严重,我听说这方面中国和俄罗斯政府有合作项目,把一些中国的产业转移到俄罗斯东部,对此有何评论?还有,能不能评价一下中俄的工业合作?谢谢。   苗圩:   非常感谢。我去年专程去莫斯科,和俄罗斯的工业和贸易部部长曼图罗夫,我们商定了一个计划,以我们两个部为基础,建立中俄两国工业领域合作的一个机制,在原有民用航空机制的基础上扩展到整个工业领域。   中国也鼓励一些企业到俄罗斯去投资、设厂,在当地生产,满足俄罗斯市场的需求。这个方面有很多的交流,我们也有一系列的计划。中俄两国是战略协作伙伴关系,我们两国政治上相互信任,经济上两国的互补也是非常明显的。通过两国之间工业领域的合作,一定能实现双赢,一定能为两国的经济发展做出新的贡献。谢谢。相关的主题文章: