Millet, oppo, vivo…… Why these companies are not listed

Millet, OPPO, vivo…… Why these companies not listed? According to the global market research company TrendForce released the first quarter of 2016, the global intelligent mobile phone shipments total report, China brand in the first quarter of the total shipments (including exports) amounted to 125 million units, more than Samsung and apple shipments and. However, unlike Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet that several propped up half of the country’s Chinese global smart mobile phone companies have a common point: not listed! Millet is listed, the ultimate goal of many start-up companies, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet these companies already have the qualifications listed, but not listed, behind what’s the reason? Not bad money as from slapping SF founder Wang Wei said: "the market is nothing more than to money!" and the reason HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet the companies not listed is not bad money, or temporarily not bad money! According to the authoritative statistical agency IDC report shows that last year, HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone shipments grew 44%, more than 100 million, revenue grew 73% to $20 billion; and OPPO and VIVO, 2015 two in the global smart mobile phone shipments respectively in 50 million and 45 million, probably its revenues were 11 billion 550 million and $9 billion 360 million. Although millet is not optimistic, but still in 2015 sales of about 70 million smart phones, there is news that millet revenue reached 78 billion yuan (about $12 billion 500 million) in 2015. HUAWEI ranked 500 in the world, but also the country’s largest communications provider, home rich, not bad money that we have no doubt. OPPO, vivo, although not comparable to HUAWEI, but its mobile phone prices are low, there is a lot of profit margins. Although millet flagship price, but its main use of online sales, greatly saving the cost, so for now is not bad money may be an important reason for these companies are not listed. Vivo intelligent mobile phone founder and CEO Shen Wei also said: "vivo is not short of money, a lot of enterprises listed financing is to get some money, but vivo does not need sufficient cash flow, financing, so in the short term does not consider the issue of listing." Do not want to change the existing ownership structure, in addition to not bad money, big companies do not go on the market there is another important reason, that is, do not want to change the existing ownership structure. With HUAWEI and Wahaha as an example, the two giants have achieved full ownership, the employees will be twisted into an important force of a rope, Ren Zhengfei said: "not listed, HUAWEI is likely to dominate the world." Listing will not only increase the cost, but also to change the existing ownership structure, which means that employee equity will be diluted, and share the profits of the enterprise, the return of employees will be reduced. Don’t want to be listed outside interference is helpful to money, but also brings a lot of extra trouble (for example, stock prices fell, the performance report and so on), by external numerous restrictions (such as investment, a lot of things backseat driver) to the public, to accept the supervision of shareholders and the media. Information.相关的主题文章: