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Crafts-Hobbies Doll houses are .monly considered to be playthings for children, but building and furnishing miniature doll houses is very much an intricate and adult pastime. Most hobbyists take their craft very seriously, and for some it’s a magnificent obsession that spans a lifetime of painstakingly replicating and miniaturizing furniture, wallpaper, rugs, crockery, and paintings – spending hours and hours to get every detail just right. Some hobbyists are fortunate enough to share their passion with a daughter or grand-daughter, but for most it’s a singular obsession to be savored alone. The whole object of building miniature doll houses is that they should be a perfect miniaturized reflection of home life, and as faithful in every detail as possible. All aspects of the home are reproduced in exact miniature form, and even true-to-life miniature dolls are made in minute detail to live in this small, enchanting and lovingly crafted world. Most adults begin this hobby with casual interest, but once the bug has bitten, it soon a lifelong passion of reproducing, as well as collecting, miniaturized items for these charming little houses. When it .es to the miniature doll houses themselves, there are many styles and themes that are available either in kit form, or as plans that you can download from the Internet and build yourself. You can order amazing dollhouse kits in a variety of styles and themes that you can assemble, paint and decorate yourself. Some of the styles include faithfully reproduced, magnificent laser cut Victorian doll houses that run to three floors, including attics, bay windows, fancy staircases, and intricately designed faades, .plete with a porch and the curved Mansard roof of the era. The fine detail of these magnificent Victorian reproductions is absolutely stunning and they are made to true miniature scale (1 inch = 1 foot). Hours of utter pleasure can be spent painting the exterior, and the enjoyment is doubled by painting and decorating the interior rooms. You can either collect or buy the furniture needed, or reproduce the miniatures yourself. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a child to .pletely immerse yourself in this engrossing hobby! There are many other contemporary and themed miniature dollhouse kits available for self assembly. For example, faithfully reproduced quaint and charming miniature cottages, which include attics and octagon shaped dormer windows, bay windows, porches, shutters – and even tiny flower boxes! And for those who are passionate about their Barbie collection, there are Barbie dollhouse kits available that feature both country as well as townhouses – large enough for Barbie and Ken to move right in! Considering the beauty and faithful reproduction of these delightful miniature houses, it’s easy to see why so many adults are fascinated by this captivating hobby. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: