Ministry of Public Security Disabled police enjoy social treatment of disabled people – the rule of -3edyy

The Ministry of Public Security: Disabled police enjoy social treatment of persons with disabilities — Law — original title: enjoy the treatment of persons with disabilities social disability police reporters today learned from the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of Public Security jointly with the Ministry of civil affairs, Chinese disabled federation recently jointly issued the "notice" on the disabled people’s police to enjoy social problems related to the treatment of persons with disabilities, disabled people’s police and clear enjoy the society with the corresponding treatment. According to statistics, there are more than 430 police because of the expense of the national public security organs annually, more than 1300 police have occupation illness died, more than 5000 police who are wounded, one part of the lifelong disability. The majority of disabled police in hard to complete various tasks at the same time, but also bear the pain of body and mind. The circular pointed out that the disabled people’s police to safeguard national security, social stability, protect the lives and property of the people made a special contribution to the community is an integral part of the disabled. Civil affairs, public security, CDPF departments should cooperate closely to intensify its efforts to establish an information sharing mechanism, to ensure that the disabled people’s police and enjoy the corresponding treatment implementation of disabled people. Notification requirements, the disabled people’s police in addition to enjoy the special treatment given by the state, while enjoying the corresponding treatment of the local people with disabilities. The benefit of the disabled specific policy treatment (such as prosthetic wheelchair, allotment etc.), according to the special requirements of the disabled, disabled people’s police should be eligible to enjoy. Training of Personnel Ministry of Public Security Bureau official pointed out that the public security organs at all levels should take the initiative with the local departments of civil affairs, disabled docking, pay close attention to the development of disabled people’s police while enjoying the introduction of specific measures of social treatment of persons with disabilities, to make policy landing as soon as possible, the police as soon as possible to benefit the disabled. (reporter Liu Ziyang) (commissioning editor: Wang Qichen (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: