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National day stay up night insomnia eye fatigue? Try these Chinese herbal teas – the people’s network Hainan window – People’s net National Day holiday, are you playing all night? Or the mobile phone does not leave, where to go? So, today, please take out the mirror and take a picture. Is the black eye a thriller again? The ancient people cloud "tired from the eye". Often stay up late, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, venous blood flow velocity is too slow, the skin red blood cells lack of oxygen, carbon dioxide and metabolic waste in veins excessive accumulation, formation of chronic hypoxia, blood is dark and the formation of stagnation and cause eye pigmentation, resulting in dark circles. If you observe carefully, it can be found that the dark circles are actually divided into two colors: one is the dark green eye, the other is the vein and blood stasis of the microvessels, and the other is the dark brown eye. It is caused by melanogenesis and incomplete metabolism. Therefore, when we go to the black eye circle, we have to be effective according to different causes. In order to tomorrow with a panda eye to work, the National Day holiday on the last day, we ask the pharmacist of Hangzhou Red Cross Hospital Pharmacy Huang Fang, Chinese medicine to recommend several help to the black eye, not to drink not to rub, but a cup of tea smoked eyes. On the one hand, the hot air of tea can speed up the blood circulation of the eye. On the other hand, blood circulation can also promote the absorption of drugs, so as to relieve fatigue, improve eyesight and remove the black eye. Recommend several common fumigation eye medicine: first, clear the liver and clear eyed type: Chrysanthemum and mulberry leaves; two, kidney and eyesight type: Dendrobium and wolfberry fruit; three, Qingli Mingmu type: peppermint and Vitex chinense seed; four, Mingmu moistening dryness type: cassia seed and Lour. The material is ready, you can do this: like conventional tea, take the above 4 kinds of medicine in one bubble, while hot tea placed in front, hot smoked eyes, lasting 10 to 15 minutes, the eyes will feel more comfortable. But what needs to be noted is that people with inflammation in the eyes, such as conjunctivitis, should avoid the use of hot fumigation. Because the heat may increase the secretion of inflammation, it is bad for the eyes. In addition, we also can adopt the following methods: 1, get rid of the black eye rubbing his hands on to the heat quickly with palm pressing eyes hot, so repeated several times a day, more than ten times, The more, the better. 2, often gently massage the skin around the orbit with hands. It’s about 10 minutes each time. 3, with the thumb pressing and Yongquan Temple 3 ~ 4 minutes, every 2 to 3 times each night before you go to bed with hot feet, better effect. 4, eat more eggs, lean meat, fish and shrimp, sesame seeds, peanuts, soybeans and other foods, increase protein, vitamin A, vitamin E intake, in order to meet the physiological needs of eye skin on various nutrients. 5, each night with cold water, warm water alternate eye for more than ten minutes. 6, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, make regular living and regular life, ensure enough sleep time, and regularly participate in physical exercise to improve the whole body function. (commissioning editor Lu Shaoxiong and Jiang Chengliu)

国庆熬夜失眠眼疲劳?试试这些中药茶–人民网海南视窗–人民网   国庆长假,你是不是在熬夜玩耍?或是手机不离身,走到哪儿刷到哪儿?   那么,今天请你拿出镜子来照一照,黑眼圈是不是又惊悚了不少?   古人云“累从眼入”。经常熬夜,情绪不稳定,眼部疲劳、衰老,静脉血管血流速度过于缓慢,眼部皮肤红血球细胞供氧不足,静脉血管中二氧化碳及代谢废物积累过多,形成慢性缺氧,血液较暗并形成滞流以及造成眼部色素沉着,就造成了黑眼圈。   如果你仔细观察的话可以发现,黑眼圈其实分两种颜色:一种是青色黑眼圈,这是因为微血管的静脉血液滞留;另一种是茶色黑眼圈,因黑色素生成与代谢不全而产生。因此,我们在去黑眼圈时也得根据不同的成因有针对性才能见效。   为了明天不顶着一对熊猫眼去上班,国庆长假最后一天,我们请杭州市红十字会医院中药房的黄芳中药师,给大家推荐几款有助于去黑眼圈的中药,不是用来喝也不是用来擦,而是泡杯茶来熏眼睛。   一方面,茶的热气能加快眼部血液循环,另一方面,血液循环又能促进药的成分吸收,从而实现缓解疲劳,明目,祛除黑眼圈的功效。   推荐几个常见的熏眼中药:   一、清肝明目型:菊花、桑叶;   二、补肾明目型:石斛、枸杞子;   三、清利明目型:薄荷、蔓荆子;   四、明目润燥型:决明子、麦冬。   将材料准备就绪,你可以这么做:像常规泡茶一样,取以上4种药中任意一种,泡上,趁热放置眼前,用茶的热气熏眼睛,持续10到15分钟,眼睛就会感觉舒服很多。   但需要注意的是,眼睛有炎症的朋友,比如结膜炎患者,要避免使用热熏法。因为热气可能会增加炎症的分泌物,对眼睛不利。   另外,大家还可以通过以下方法赶走黑眼圈:   1、双手对搓至热,快速用手掌心按压双眼热敷,如此反复十余次,每天数遍,多多益善。   2、经常用手轻轻按摩眼眶周围的皮肤。每次大约10分钟。   3、用大拇指按压太阳穴和涌泉穴3~4分钟,每天2~3次,每晚临睡前再用热水泡脚,效果更佳。   4、多吃鸡蛋、瘦肉、鱼虾、芝麻、花生、黄豆等食品,增加蛋白质、维生素A、维生素E的摄入,以满足眼周皮肤对多种营养物质的生理需求。   5、每晚用冷水、温热水交替敷眼部十余分钟。   6、注意劳逸结合,做到起居有常、生活有规律,保证足够的睡眠时间,并经常参加体育锻炼,改善全身机能状态。 (责编:卢少雄、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: