National grid penalty 81 suppliers of TBEA and a number of shares on the black list

National grid penalty 81 suppliers TBEA A number of shares on the black list of the after each intern reporter Chen Yaolin following the August 118 focused on the disclosure of bad supplier after the day before, the national grid and its subsidiaries in the first half of September has been informed of 81 suppliers. The "daily economic news" reporter found out, TBEA (600089, SH), Huayi Electric (600290, SH), Nari (600406, SH), XJ electric (000400, SZ) and a number of listed companies and subsidiaries in China’s "black list". Among them, TBEA subsidiary due to the quality problem of transformer, related products standard package is in the net suspended bid qualification for 4 months; Huayi Electric switch is suspended due to quality problems, bid for 2 months. Shandong zhont-sunny Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Thailand sun) is in a "net capital punishment". State Grid Chongqing electric power company, said the company will cancel the qualification of all categories of goods for up to 3 years. The reporter called zhont-sunny public telephone, the staff said the leaders are going out, can not answer reporters’ questions. A number of companies into the black list regulars on the front, and various parts of the national grid company based on "national Power Grid Corp supplier handling bad behavior management rules" of the relevant provisions, in mid September to continue to inform the 81 dealt with the bad supplier. In the national network of Chongqing electric power company briefing, TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Limited as the "unqualified" rise of oil immersed transformer temperature of two batches of products, the 10 thousand volt oil immersed transformer standard package has been suspended for 4 months the qualification. This is not the first time the company TBEA’s "list". At the beginning of September, the national network of northern Hebei electric power company informed that the 10kV power cable quality TBEA Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co. Ltd. supply of unqualified products are suspended bid for 2 months. Last year, the company also has been in the network called "tough penalties, with the rectification of poor attitude", subtract the total bid 40%. In Gansu electric power company’s briefing, the instrument electric sampling sampling switch short time withstand current test failed, the relevant products suspended for 2 months. In Gansu, Mongolia East power company informed, so after the electricity, Nari subsidiary were also on the list, and this is not the first time already punished. Jiangsu in the high-tech, such as a number of new three Board companies, but also because of product quality problems were informed punishment. Suspended for several months, the company will produce what kind of impact? TBEA Shenyang branch official said, the leadership of the company is to go out, can not answer reporters’ questions. The Chinese instrument electrical Securities Department staff told reporters that may be due to the contract is relatively small, do not know the matter was punished. In general, involving more than 100 million yuan of electrical equipment, the company will be reported to the securities department, but also to achieve information disclosure standards, it is not clear about the relevant matters. Jiangsu Ling high tech staff admitted to reporters that the current situation is not yet known, will immediately verify. If you stop for 2 months, the company will not cause too much impact, but the company’s reputation, reputation will certainly be affected. Industry calls for punishment transparency.相关的主题文章: