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Net exposure of non Cheng Biao director female guests: don’t have brains not acting "If You Are The One" Sina entertainment news recently leaked online, a "program director in the background at If You Are The One" female guest video. In the video, the director pointed out that some female guests under the guise of "left hand lamp" rule is actually on stage, in order to express themselves. The director said: "don’t have brains not acting." In the video, the director and a guest in her daughters program to record the scene background, the dim light, the director standing in the middle of girls, cold words, attitude is extremely serious. The director said, recently there have been many female guests to stay light for the male guests, not trustworthy behavior, but ultimately refused to hand said: "before you have a lamp is off the male guests, behind a lamp is we destroy you." Warning other female guests. The director said, in order to ensure the program fair, unfaithful female guests "absolutely can not keep the appeasement brings disaster also said:" "we do not go gray, not to make such stupid mistakes." The girls nodded silently, and no one answered. (Intern Rebecca) (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章: