Net exposure that Zhang Jizhong mistress is married woman woman emptied the night micro-blog (video)-sunny came home

Net exposure said Zhang Jizhong mistress is a married female woman overnight empty micro-blog [Abstract] according to the all star exploration reports to its users broke the news, micro-blog ID Du Xinglin said, "Dr. Du Xinglin" Du married in 2013, also find each other to bask in micro-blog in the wedding. After the fan Xin man suspected mistress photo users to sun all star on the screenshot (source all star entertainment news (exploration) Tencent Wen Hu Mengying) September 1st, fan Xin man drying out suspected mistress Zhang Jizhong photos, she issued a document called the other micro-blog signature "Zhang Jizhong’s agent, said" which Zhang Jizhong’s agent claimed, "they are vulnerable groups, respect their own things not gossip. Subsequently, all star reported that the user broke the news, suspected small three Du Xinglin in 2013 has been married, or assistant to Zhang Jizhong. Today afternoon, fan Xin man micro-blog thanks for the advice and comfort, and drying out the three users of the message and provide photos. Photos, Zhang Jizhong and Du Xinglin suspected in a hospital for treatment. "Ask all my friends to help me shoot them. They’re so mean. My experience is a sad case of reality. Bibal Zach’s novels, Chekhov novels, the significance of the most realistic satire." According to the All Star reported that the user broke the news to her, Du Xinglin micro-blog ID, Dr. Du Xinglin, said Du had been married in 2013, but also to find out the other side of the sun in the micro-blog wedding photos. However, the source said, Du Xinglin has been the night to delete the light micro-blog, micro-blog has also changed its name to "flower and bird painting". Tencent reporter searched for the "flower and bird painting -723" micro-blog users, only to find an article left in 2012, micro-blog, the head has been replaced, but from the perspective of the map looks like the previous picture of Du Xinglin. Broke the news person, at the beginning of August Zhang Jizhong sat down with Du Xinglin aircraft from Beijing to Jiangsu Province, Du Xinglin seems to be back home, "Zhang Jizhong said her husband was still on the plane". In this regard, a friend of Zhang Jizhong told the all star, surnamed Du lady is assistant agent Zhang Jizhong, just one year, and they go to investigate location is dayishan. Fan Xin man himself claimed that Du Xinglin married the whole volume, studied law in France, but the lack of legal knowledge, but will Zhang Jizhong into the abyss, solve the trouble in helping Zhang Jizhong, could have gone through the normal process can solve the problem, but Zhang Jizhong chose to escape, and not a small number. And yesterday, there are fans and friends Zhang Jizhong common in the United States to see Zhang Jizhong and her son with a child in a restaurant to eat, the friend also denounced the hypocrisy of the president of the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States and the United States in the United States and the United States and. Fan Xin man said that the truth cannot be upside down, "they are so bad," said he was forced to take these things myself and emerge in its totality, are the facts, not fake things. Fan Xin man denounced Zhang Jizhong for the third statement: I feel sad相关的主题文章: