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Network lock up cigarettes free fish are still on sale customer service that has been registered will handle network lock up cigarettes free fish are still on sale service: registered situation will deal with public Lee reflected in the secondary trading platform was the sale of a variety of brand-name cigarettes. In addition, there is some of the three of the electronic cigarette. Some people said that in the platform to buy fake electronic cigarettes. Yesterday, the Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found that most of the online sales of cigarettes and electronic cigarettes did not buy documents, can not verify the true and false. According to the tobacco monopoly license management approach, the relevant provisions of the ban on tobacco sales on the internet. Customer service said it had been informed to deal with. The second-hand smoke platform according to Mr. Lee said he bought a "hard Chinese cigarettes in the secondary trading platform idle fish net, and the price is much cheaper than the retail store. "The store is usually more than and 600 yuan, the Internet was only sold more than and 300 yuan of money, but also cheaper than the duty-free shops". This allows him to move while some doubt the truth of cigarettes. Reporters on the Internet to enter China, Yuxi and other key words, immediately show the sale of information on hundreds of businesses. Some businesses will be marked out the price of cigarettes, a hard Chinese cigarettes only 200 yuan, compared to a few hundred dollars cheaper to store cigarettes. Reporter survey found that the sale of cigarettes on the platform are brand-name cigarettes. Reporters saw a registered location for the seller in Chaoyang District to 300 yuan to sell Chinese cigarettes. Although, there are a lot of people in the cigarette inquiry and consultation, but the real volume has shown zero. Sales of electronic cigarettes no small ticket reporter found in the survey, not only in the sale of second-hand platform for the sale of second-hand fish cigarettes, as well as a wide range of electronic cigarette sales. Reporters on the Internet to see, these photos will be sent on the Internet, other information is not complete. In some electronic cigarette packaging is to see that the relevant production licenses, belonging to three products. One who bought the electronic cigarette in the secondary platform of Mr. Liu told reporters that he purchased the electronic cigarette holder is also very bad, bad, there is no way to use. The seller also sold me 120 yuan, I look at the small commodity wholesale market, the same quality to sell only $35, is really pit". In addition, the reporter asked the seller to provide proof of purchase, the seller’s answer is not retained". One seller said, there is no way to prove whether the sale of tobacco is the real thing, only to buy back after verification. "This is second-hand goods, who can give you a small ticket ah". Lock up cigarettes online reporter learned that, according to China’s "tobacco monopoly license management measures" provisions, in addition to obtaining the license for tobacco monopoly production enterprises and tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprise business license according to law sales of tobacco products, any person, legal representative or other organization shall be through the information network sales of tobacco products therefore, online Yandian illegal business". At present, the customer service platform has been used for leisure fish registration will be processed. Beijing tobacco research and Development Center staff to remind the public, the Internet to buy tobacco products hundred harm none, we must not covet small cheap online purchase theory相关的主题文章: