New York Sanhua – fraudulent credit card over $400 thousand in new network – multiple charges hamimelon

New York Sanhua – fraudulent credit card over $400 thousand multiple charges – Beijing China overseas network on 18 September, according to the U.S. Chinese network reported that recently, three Chinese youth in New York city with a stolen credit card and personal information, at the DELL store (Bloomingdale s) crazy fraudulent more than $400 thousand in luxury on the day before, by the police charges. The three men included a shop assistant. According to "New York post" reported that the 25 year old even ivy (Ivy Lian, transliteration) is located at 3 Avenue, East 59 Street (Christian Dior) Dior flagship store sales assistant, she began to plan a fraudulent credit card from March this year. Then she found two accomplices. According to the indictment and court documents show that three people suspected of committing the crime in the following way: even Wei Wei is responsible for the implementation of customer retail transactions. And Tan Shi is responsible for providing stolen credit card information obtained by Wu Yi, who is responsible for shopping in the link of the. Wu Yi like to choose DELL luxury goods, such as Dior handbags and wallets, and then to the cashier with Avril charge pay buy. In the meantime, Wu Yi used a forged credit card credit card, and when the fake credit card transactions were rejected, Wu Yi deliberately read out on the phone stored on the phone, Tam stolen credit card information. Even the Avril is immediately information input to the cash register, without informing the boss in the store and did not get permission to complete the purchase transaction. On average, each transaction, Wu Yi will brush more than $twenty thousand, the cumulative total of more than $430 thousand fraudulent. It is reported that three of them were 20 victims of credit card for more than 40 transactions. In June 9th, three people were arrested, was arrested when police found 8 credit and debit cards on them, a Zhang Toulai driver’s license, a number of drugs k powder (Ketamine) and $1200 in cash. Three people in the local time 14, the Manhattan Supreme Court was accused of theft, theft of identity, illegal possession of stolen goods, illegal occupation of other documents and many other charges. Wu Yi’s bail up to $400 thousand, Tan Shi was released again after the detained, the judge ordered "without bail". The Manhattan district attorney Vance (Cyrus R.Vance) said, highlighting the network electronic crime by the company ghost to their employer caused by the increasingly rampant. From 2010 onwards, the Manhattan district has invested a lot of resources, to investigate and prosecute and combat network electronic fraud crime. Vance appeal, if anyone encountered cyber crime suspect, please report to the District Prosecutor’s office immediately, personnel and special equipment to carry out the investigation and immediate action.相关的主题文章: