New Zealand midnight earthquake has caused 2 people were killed and one Chinese citizen was

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Midnight New Zealand earthquake has caused 2 people were killed and one wounded – Chinese citizen Beijing Beijing November 14 Xinhua comprehensive report, local time 14 days 0 hours 2 minutes, the South Island of New Zealand earthquake, New Zealand Prime Minister John Ki said that the earthquake has caused 2 people were killed, and can not exclude this number will continue to rise. China in Christchurch Consulate General said that a China citizens were injured in the earthquake. Several aftershocks occurred after the earthquake. The earthquake also triggered a tsunami, resulting in several parts of New Zealand’s power supply and telecommunications services, many buildings damaged. The picture shows the people of New Zealand’s capital Wellington outdoor refuge. [aftershocks, tsunami] reported that the U.S. Geological survey earlier this earthquake is 7.4 level, after the magnitude will increase to 7.8, while the New Zealand earthquake monitoring agency GeoNet, earthquake intensity as 7.5, and urged the public to pay attention to the aftershocks. John Ki said, "at the moment, we can’t elaborate on why the" cause of the accident, because the earthquake occurred at night, coupled with the disaster area south east coast communication problems, do not rule out the number of deaths caused by the earthquake will rise. According to CCTV news Chinese in Christchurch consulate general news, in Kakulashi, a Chinese citizens were injured in the earthquake. Embassies and consulates will continue to focus on the safety of local Chinese citizens, to maintain communication with the New Zealand government, when needed to provide timely consular protection and assistance to Chinese citizens. After the strong earthquake, New Zealand and a series of strong aftershocks occurred, according to the U.S. Geological Survey website news, the most intense aftershock magnitude reached 6.5. About two hours after the quake struck, the local government warned residents living on the east coast to inland, or a higher place to escape. It is reported that the distance from Christchurch (Christchurch, also translated Christchurch) Kaikoura 181 kilometers north of the measuring point to 2.5 meters high in the morning monitoring. After the New Zealand domestic defense ministry had expected the moment, on the east coast of the tsunami will trigger waves up to 5 meters high, but in the local time around 5:30 in the morning, the Department will be part of the wave height may be reduced to 3 meters, these areas include the distance of 680 kilometers southeast of the main island of Chatham Islands. The Department will continue to reduce the height of the waves after 8 points to some of the coast will be about one meter high waves, a maritime and beach threats". The earthquake caused a highway in the South Island of New Zealand severe cracking. [strong sense of earthquake, people fled Wellington into a "ghost town"] in Christchurch, a father of two mother Aydin cable (Tamsin Edensor) said, this is the largest earthquake since the deadly earthquake in 2011, "great power, and time is very long". She said: we were sleeping, woke up and found the house shaking, and shaking, the more sway the more powerful." Live in the South Island town of Takaka (Takaka) near the top of the woman Elizabeth told Radio New zealand:".相关的主题文章: