NVIDIA agreed with ALI cloud strategic cooperation to jointly develop the market deep learning

NVIDIA agreed with ALI cloud strategic cooperation to jointly develop the market deep learning
In today, the opening of the 2016 Yunqi Conference – Shanghai summit, world vision computing industry leader NVIDIA (NVIDIA) with the world’s leading cloud computing service provider Ali cloud jointly announced a strategic cooperation, the two companies will focus on China’s first GPU cloud on the high performance computing platform, Ali cloud HPC based on, in the field of market and Technology launched in-depth cooperation, for high performance computing and depth of learning areas of emerging enterprises to provide comprehensive GPU computing support.
NVIDIA’s vice president of global Shankar Trivedi said: “we are very pleased to be based on China’s largest cloud computing services platform, Ali cloud for the customers, especially in the emerging enterprises to provide GPU accelerated computation service, the user can through the cloud in high performance computing, artificial intelligence and depth of learning and other areas to experience the latest GPU acceleration technology, NVIDIA will also play themselves in providing strong support to accelerate the computing platform and the global ecological system of experience, and Ali cloud together for emerging enterprises innovation in the field of high performance computing and the depth of learning.”
Ali cloud chief scientists particularly said: “deep learning innovation in the field of enterprise is Ali cloud HPC most important one group of customers, the future Ali cloud will play themselves in the public cloud computing field strengths and high performance computing field has accumulated experience in the application of, and NVIDIA together for deep learning of emerging enterprises to provide more powerful support.
Deep deep learning cooperation to help emerging enterprise GPU application
In recent years, based on the Internet and artificial intelligence technology venture like a rising wind and scudding clouds, lattice spirit deep pupil, desert, as the science and technology company in the field of security, image and speech of the innovation of the artificial intelligence, graphics images, audio and video as the representative of the depth of learning is a typical computing intensive applications, which results in the birth of the Internet industry demand for high performance computing and application of GPU.
Based on depth study of GPU and application of hot, and both sides had good basis for cooperation, the NVIDIA and Ali cloud will further cooperation to expand the depth of learning about the markets, vigorously support the depth of learning, artificial intelligence, robotics and other deep learning innovation enterprise. NVIDIA will recommend to users as Ali cloud cloud platform to promote deep learning and deep learning of emerging enterprises using Ali cloud GPU cloud platform. NVIDIA will also make full use of the field for many years of accumulated rich ecological resources in high performance computing, and Ali cloud development more HPC applications and help Ali cloud expand including education and scientific research, government, media and entertainment, medical industry customers to use Ali cloud GPU cloud platform. At the same time, Ali cloud for NVIDIA & reg; CUDA & reg; training to provide learning and testing platform, NVIDIA will the GPU Ali cloud platform as a CUDA training for the specified platform.
In addition, the two companies will also establish a joint laboratory in deep learning, high performance computing, CDN value-added service applications in areas such as in-depth research and technical cooperation. Depending on the laboratory, to jointly support the transplantation and optimization of key customers of HPC applications, providing a full range of services and support to customers.
Deep learning hot NVIDIA Tesla accelerated computing platform by holding
Last year after December 15, Ali cloud based on public cloud platform of high performance computing HPC product formally external commercial, the user can buy the GPU server instance through the official website of the Ali cloud. This is China’s first cloud on high performance computing platform. With the help of the GPU computing cloud services, deep learning and high performance computing field of enterprises and research institutions can be directly in the cloud for GPU computing services, which provides exclusive equipped with two NVIDIA & reg; Tesla & reg; K40 GPU accelerators physical machine.
It is worth mentioning is that Ali cloud HPC page open the world only NVIDIA & reg; Kepler “GPU architecture native assembler and CUDA occupy calculator, this is Ali internal performance tuning of the unique cheats. The assembler was optimized convolution, matrix multiplication in Kepler architecture GPU fastest ali. According to Ali cloud estimates, if there are 2 million pictures to learn, with a dual E5-2650 V2 server training needs 16 days, and if the aliyun double GPU physical machine requires only 1 days.
The service in October last year since the beta, has received hundreds of customers in the test application, and get more positive feedback. Attention to Kuang start-up companies face recognition technology Xu is pleased to the performance of Tesla K40 agree, he said “Ali cloud HPC server performance is excellent, play the Tesla K40 extreme performance”, “excellent operation and maintenance, stability is very strong.
GPU Ali cloud cloud service launched the first in the country, is based on the NVIDIA Tesla platform to accelerate computing dominant. NVIDIA launched Tesla accelerated computing platform is designed for energy saving, high performance computing, scientific computing, super computing, data analysis and deep learning applications. It will be the world’s fastest GPU accelerator and CUDA together, to build a comprehensive ecological system composed of software developers, software vendors and manufacturers of OEM data center system. In the past seven years, Tesla accelerated computing platform lead the accelerated computing in the field of more than 10 times the growth and accelerating in the global calculation is in the dominant position, the most commonly used 50 section of high performance computing application has 70% support for GPU acceleration.
With NVIDIA will continue to launch more robust performance of GPU and specifically for the depth of learning, such as market of GPU and software and development tools, the future with the new solution in cloud applications, users will be able to in the cloud platform to experience the new and powerful performance of GPU computing technology.

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