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Obama rejected the "9? 11" victims of the Saudi government news agency v. bill – Sohu in Washington in September 23,   news; (reporter Diao Haiyang) 23 U.S. President Obama officially vetoed a bill passed by the house and Senate by the United States, the Act allows "9? 11" families of the victims to sue the government of Saudi arabia. The bill in May 17th and September 9th this year in the house and Senate passed, will be signed by the president of the United States became law, but Obama and White House officials have repeatedly expressed opposition to the bill. Data figure: Obama, 23, said in a notice of veto, he supported the "9. 11" to seek justice for the families of the victims, he also made a lot of efforts to this end. But this bill can not prevent the occurrence of terrorist attacks, it will not play a positive role in the u.s.. He said that the bill violates the principle of sovereign immunity, but also may lead to U.S. foreign military personnel in the face of the risk of prosecution abroad. In addition, the bill would complicate the relationship between the United States and its partners. However, Obama’s rhetoric is difficult to explain the congressman. More than 2/3 U.S. leaders said the same day, they will push the bill in both houses to get more than the support of members of Parliament to vote to overturn the veto. Bill drafters, Democratic Senator Schumer said 23 was "disappointed by Obama’s decision". He said that if the Saudi government has done nothing wrong, they will not be afraid of this bill. "9. 11" incident victims family members have the right to prosecute. Senate majority leader Mcconnell spokesman said the same day, the Senate will take action as soon as possible, to overturn the veto. Most of the American media that, in view of the bill prior to the vote easily passed the house and Senate, there is a great chance to get enough votes to override the veto. Obama will also be the first time to face the overthrow of the rejection of the embarrassment". Author: Diao Haiyang相关的主题文章: