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Officials report 20 minutes, officials say achievements report into the 9 time, the "problem" cannot become the ornament Author: Zhang Li   source: Red Net "on the basis of the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial People’s Congress of the people’s Government of the province, the Provincial Higher People’s court, the provincial people’s Procuratorate staff review before and after any supervision regulations" Anhui, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee appointed by the government and staff should report regularly to the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee report. The reporter found that each oral debriefing with an average of 20 minutes or so, the main report of what had been done, what kind of achievements and shortcomings in the work. Among them, the top two accounted for a very large proportion of the report, when it comes to the problem, each person’s self analysis is also on the one or two minutes, it appears some thin". (September 18th surging News) government departments responsible person to do work report to the local people’s Congress, scores accounted for nearly 90% of the problems and shortcomings of only superficial and a few pens with. Although the relevant achievements of the full, but the problem and the problem is really rare? The performance too much, become a dotted pattern has become in many areas in the report. This is very important to strengthen the supervision of the people’s Congress on government work, to be corrected. As to official personal work report, work performance should be presented to the individual officials, officials present deficiencies and problems. The problem is not enough, not in line with the normal growth of individual officials and work to promote the reality, but also adversely affect the effective supervision of officials. With a lot of achievements with report shows, but officials for the work of their own lack of self-confidence, self-confidence of personal charm. Xiabuyanyu, but should be correct attitude of officials in the report to. The National People’s Congress supervision of officials, from the report we can see a little. To hide the problems and shortcomings, is obviously not conducive to the supervision of the work of the NPC officials to Rolex, effectively for the healthy growth of the pulse at the same time, officials; from the officials of their own point of view, is not conducive to the officials of self-examination and rectification, officials may in the direction and way of error will make timely stop. Officials have problems and deficiencies are very normal, but not terrible, terrible is not to face, avoid or even deliberately conceal problems and deficiencies. With bright achievements cover deficiencies, officials may sometimes be being touted, but in the course of time, will encourage officials to "pure gold" cognitive errors. If the National People’s Congress and other supervisory departments do not have this kind of problem embellishment report to correct, it is the tendency of officials to indulge indulgence. Remarkable achievements, is certainly gratifying, also proved that the system of government officials and the effectiveness of the work, but the problems and deficiencies of the work can not be ignored, more comprehensive assessment, not scientific to work positioning officials. The achievements and shortcomings, like a two wheeled vehicle, in promoting the advantages, consolidate the achievements, must be on the wheel of rectification in place, otherwise, the problem of the wheel, the vehicle will be pulled by officials. Face the problem of window type report, the NPC Department report intention through the supervision of officials, apparently some thin and single channel. Officials are multifaceted, diversity is Hao相关的主题文章: